barmy harmy strikes again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dragon825, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Shock, horror. Government inheriting a financial meltdown, are 'unpopular'.

    Harman is so rabid as to defy description. Only the hateful Hain is in the same league of frightfulness! Even Hodge and the unlamented Hewitt pale into insignificance on the 'Hate Scale' when compared with the aristocratic, public-school educated Harman and the quasi terrorist cum criminal Hain.
  2. Clearly playing to her target market - he own constituency is full of immigrants. True politician.

    Fair comment mind. Poor judgement in phrasing, timing, reporting and so on but the sentiment that her people who live on state benefits - who would be entitled to them anyway - and so have a meagre living to say the least but still cut back and send money home to their families deserve some respect - is one I think a lot of people would echo if she had said it right. Perhaps she would have got more sympathy had she said 'low paid job' rather than state benefit.

    However as one person in the article pointed out - if they can afford to send money home when living on state benefit then they've got more than they need! That needs someone to take a serious look at it. Oh yeah and she's still a cow.
  3. Ark-angel - get that bird to put some sheets on the bed mate, she'll make a mess if she carries on
  4. Just proves how deluded she and all the Liarbor Party's leadership was and still is....... For an Ex-Minister of the Crown, and now a Member of Red Ed's Shadow Cabinet, Hattie Harperson displays as as much sense as the One Eyed One did over matters Fiscal and Ecnonomic.... and she's is as much use as fart in a gale....

    It's hardly wonder all those wanabee "72 Virgins 'Pluckers" come here to 'Study'. They can leave their 15 Offspring, their wives, goats and others while they defraud the Benefits System with multiple identities, then p*ss off to other foreign climes to put their wish to 'see 72 Virgins' into operation.....

    Of course, this is just all 'alleged'..... and yes... I do read the "Daily Wail" and the "Daily Armageddon".... so what???

    ... and I blame it all on Gordy McRuin for breaching Me Umin Rites when he sold off all that Gold..... and now I have to take Marxist-Leninist Happy Pills to make me Happy...... to stop me wanting to demonstrate outside Labour Party HQ and call them all..... "Cunning Funts....!"
  5. Daily Armageddon lol I like that you should contact the mail and suggest they take that as thier new name.
  6. by me!! i beat you check the timings of thread start dad, still i'll hold her you hit her!!!