Barmy Bootneck Required ... 99.9% need not apply!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by essencebj, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. This is probably a very unwise idea...but who dares wins n all that jazz...
    (and yes i know thats the wrong lot...before the sarcasm starts hehe)

    On the market here is one nutty woman...well behaved in the right places n badly behaved in the sceanrio dictates :wave:
    Stats: 33yrs old 5'8", long dark curly hair, big green eyes, size 14...
    Likes: heroes (the good ones...), being outside, dancing the night away, being by a fire or water, cooking for people...oh and football!
    Dislikes: shopping, high-heels, pink, arsenal, bad driving...

    Hmm....wot do you lot usually wana know about a woman??!
    I call 'em the three Cs...
    And I'm pure essence at them all...apparently.. Cooking, cleaning and Co*k
    Also good at the following: writing kinky letters to a man on tour, being can I put this delicately...?! Being on my knees - honesty is the best policy, loyalty...n being faithful...I can easily do six months boys!

    BRING IT ON!!!

    And why oh why do I want a Bootneck??? 'Cos if you'd had a taste of the so don't want the rest!

    Thanks and respect to all you cabbageheads! X
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Just put the tits 'n gash shots up now. It'll save 8 pages of coy and not so coy pleading.

    I may love u lot but I'm not putting my entire frontage out for view to 3cdo LOL
  4. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    If not a Whah I would suggest Rum Ration would be a better place to meet a Bootneck. Strike that - best place to meet a bookneck would be the underwear section of M&S
  5. size 14. does that make you a fat gash

    are you a jesters or sherries tavern bird
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  6. My arrse is evidentally coloured wrongly yeeeeeks!

    Rum Ration...they're all sodding sailors on there! pooooor quality!
    (oh god i await the onslaught of violence in the form of spinach tins being thrown at me now..>!)

    Uniformdating is a waste of time n they're all bad on plentyoffish....

    The last chance corale...or however u spell it...

    Desperate times n all that I've shot ymself i the foot haven't I?! Who cares...i can limp!
  7. If you're so bloody good at them why are you on an Army website trawling for sea-hats?
  8. Why you looking for a Sea Hat when you could have a real man???
  9. And don't call me a cabbagehead you pongo speaking spunk sponge
  10. No u means I don't break when u bend me over the table n do me from behind...good god man...these barbies are doing it all in for the rest of us...mental note gimp...barbie cannot keep her legs shut for six months lmfao

    erm...i can't say I frequent either of those idea!

  11. You've got a cock? You sure it's not the Paras you're after?
  12. I'm in love already lol

    Oh god i love the wind up xxx

    We love gimp!

  13. no one simply knows what to do with one....expertly lol


  14. define....
  15. Cos sarcasm is my strong point...and I'm not switched on properly til midnight...