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Barking Spiders

Came across this term on A.N. Other forum - so Googled it and found on the urban dictionary ....... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=barking+spider ...... that it basically means a fart - however - the last definition I just had to post here .......

"See chocolate starfish: Term used to describe the shit eye, brown eye, bunghole, ass hole, etc. Resembles a spider when the tissue is crinkled as seen on a woman and barks when she farts.

Her pussy tasted like shit, so he stuffed his tongue in her barking spider."


Book Reviewer
Welcome to the second half of the 20th C.

Bumhole jokes.......cracker.

You know, front bottoms.....ever seen one? Just in front of the spam fritter. They taste like scampi dipped in bovril.

So, did mummy ever check your catflap?

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