Barking Sergeant Majors

We've all had them, Good, Bad and of course the Characters!

One I always remember was a evil little so and so from West Wales. Now PJ was one to bear a grudge and no matter what, he would screw you over if he could with his favourite line of "Extras" Now PJ hated everybody not just juniors, but his own seniors as well.
I can well remember his crack down on the 'non military' apperance of company lines and the company in general. With the CQMS in his wake he formed up the company and carried out a snap inspection of the guys followed by a block inspection. Result? Extra's everywhere for such henous crimes of "Wearing funny coloured watch straps" "Pillows not fluffy enough" "Bicycle parked in a non military fashion" In short I don't think a single individual escaped his wrath that day regardless of a 'real' or one of his 'imagined' crimes! There must be at least one of these nutters in every Regt or Corps. (Or are they all posted to the All Arms drill wing?)

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