Barking Mad!!

You see This is why we should re-instate the Sikh Regiments. They're fucking mental, are always up for a fight and are completely generous with the whiskey!
Yeah....they entertained tommy and sepoy with the same show before they got royally fucked at the point of a bayonet...posing twats. ferozeshah, moodkee, chillianwallah, aliwal,sobraon etc etc. (They were a properly trained and equipped army as well, not your normal native horde armed with sharp fruit).
They're clearly not utter mentalists.

Actually, now I've watched the video, they are. Obviously not faking it, judging by the bloodshed, but still barking


Was going to say it reminded me of the stupid things you do on stella when a teen.....then saw the rest and all I can say is ouch fucking ouch


They even did a wheelspin on old matey under the car. I think they may have won. At the end you see some bloke giving them what looks like an armful of cash.

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