Barker Barracks, Padders.

Is this place still used by The Army in Bratwurst Land???

If so, I know where the bodies are buried!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: For a pint I will tell all!!!
soprano54 said:
Jumpmeister said:
Is this place still used by The Army in Bratwurst Land???

If so, I know where the bodies are buried!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: For a pint I will tell all!!!
Yeah, but unfortunatly not by any RAC Regiments 8O , Infantry and Engineers I'm afraid!
And REME (3 Bn) and AWS and many others :roll:
Well, here goes. I am not going to mention any names here, so those who remember can rest easy!!
In the sixties, Barker Barracks was a 'twin' camp, built by the German Army sometime before the war. The bottom half was used by the 'dropshorts', whilst the top was occupied by rotating armoured regiments. Next to the rear road behind the squadron tank parks was a huge tank wash, which sloped down from the road, becoming about six feet deep at the bottom. For countless years the crap had been allowed to build up, until it wasnt far from the top, and very deep at the bottom. This of course had solidified into hard earth.
A certain Colonel-in Chief was to visit the Regiment there at the time, so some a**e 'ole in power decided that the tank wash had to be dug out, and so a fatigue party, containing yours truly, started the high tec removel of the crap with shovels and wheelbarrows.
Work had been progressing for about an hour, when all sorts of bones started to appear. At first no one took a blind notice, until a skull emerged. Blind panic then set in, and the job stopped until the RMP from Senny arrived, collected everything, and went. The digging re-commenced, then another skull popped up, plus morter rounds, small arms ammo, 88mm shells, boots, the remains of ammo pouches............
Now the job really did stop! In the end the crap recieved a coat of whitewash, and was left alone. It seems as though at the end of the war, a Regiment of SS were defending the place. After Padderbourne was bombed, the Yanks cleared the the place, and slung the dead Germans into the tank wash, buried until the sixties, then found by us.
I wonder if their still there?????

I still have a belt buckle which I found in the mud. All sorts of kit turned up there, a lot of stuff had been buried near the guardroom as well.
To the left of the top row of hangers (looking up towards the officers mess), was the POL point. Follow that road downhill. on the left were concrete servicing ramps, and opposite was the tank wash. The road then continued into the bottom barracks. The washdown was above the square.
That any good after 40 years???????
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