Bark & Ride Sports - 15% off (Kit for dogs and outdoorsy types, cyclists especially)

Bark & Ride Sports are a local business based in Aviemore who have a range of apparel and accessories for both people and pooches. Aimed at those outdoor types and more specifically, cyclists who take their dogs with them (though other uses apply!), they've some nice kit, including our favourite - the Wuff Buff, which makes any slavering death hound look both stylish and dashing as it rips the nearest human child to pieces.

They've very kindly offered us a 15% exclusive for ARRSE users, though from knowing our demographic so well, we're not sure if some of those leashes won't get used in entirely the wrong setting...

Code at checkout: Armedforces15

Pop over and have a look if nothing else!

BARK + RIDE is an outdoor lifestyle brand for active people and their dogs.


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