Bari Miltary cemetery

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by headgash, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Anyone been to Bari military cemetery. Am doing a visit in the not too distant future and am just after info/advice etc.

  2. Thanks I shall have a look now.
  3. :? Are going alone, walking, driving, staying in Bari, touring around, invading Albania???

  4. Am going with my doris, flying to Bari then getting a renter car for a few days hopefully.
    Got an Uncle buried there who no member of the family has visited, am looking into my recent family military history and thought it would be a good idea. He was a gunner in the 1st Air landing Regt.
  5. We take a Legion Pilgriomage to Southern Italy twice a year and usually take a party to Bari. If you would like to talk to someone who goes there regularly, contact me by PM and or call our office and I can put you in touch with one of our guides who escorts the Legion Italy Pilgrimages.
  6. Ah, thanks for the expansion headgash. Bari has long been a major port and had a bit of resort status at one time – resort as in promenading and several swish establishments rather than beach and umbrellas. A lot of the architecture remains, but today it’s a very busy port and transit point. Heavy traffic in and around and lots of ‘strangers’. No doubt you’ll check the numerous guides.

    Would recommend pre-booking a motor, with belt and braces cover. or have both worked well for me in the past.

    The cemetery is straight forward, located south of town inland off a bypass – ‘Tangenziale’. Sure you’ve seen it else CWGC

    Equally, Google Maps, type Bari War Cemetery in the search bar and view point ‘B’ – War Cemetery. What the other points are….????

    Though you’re not there long and may already have other military sites to visit, Puglia has some lovely countryside and if you fancy a tourist type sortie, could try around Alberobello (under hour and a half) for the characteristic ‘trulli’ houses?

  7. I agree with you there, No. 9, Alberobello (which actually means "beautiful tree) is definitely worth a look-see. A totally unique place.

  8. Never knew it was a World Heritage Site till I Googled for an example to include? 8O

  9. Thanks for all the help. Wanted to take me mum but would upset her too much. Doris will see me right tho.Next stop is the Norwegian Embassy, my other uncle was a Pilot Sergeant of a Beaufighter went missing over a ffjord in Norway on a recce the day after helping "do" the Tirpitz in '43. Lots to do now I am retired!
    PS tried a pm but couldn't get it to send....putermong.
    Cheers and thanks again Headgash.