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Some of you may have seen this on the news but I couldn't find a thread on it so thought I'd post in here. Major Chris Brannigan is raising money to help find a treatment for a genetic disease that his young daughter has, he's marching 700 miles carrying 25kg barefoot from Lands End to Edinburgh. He's been going for a while now and his journey took him from Selby to York yesterday, myself and a few others met him and walked/ran with him to show support. Cracking bloke and an amazing effort he's putting in. He's going from York to Ripon today and should be getting to Catterick over the next couple of days.

Hope for Hasti

His feet are in turbo clip but he's still pushing on and smiling! Anyone is free to join him for part of his trek if they fancy a bit of tabbing or just chucking a few quid in.
Cheers Tricky. Had heard about this via a different grapevine, but not enough info to track it down.
Every parent's nightmare.
Just on the news that he finished today at Edinburgh castle. 700 miles barefoot, bloody good going.
It suddenly got a bit dusty watching the live stream when he got into Edinburgh, and his daughter that he did all this for was waiting for him while the bagpipes were playing and crowd clapping. Top bloke and that's some distance he's covered!
Here's what walking 700 miles barefoot in 34 days does to your feet, I bet he's glad to be off them for a while

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Interestingly the heels don't look too bad but the insteps look fucked. I'd have guessed it would be the other way round.
Hard bastard though, I think I'd have managed 700 metres at a push before putting shoes on.


Interestingly the heels don't look too bad but the insteps look fucked. I'd have guessed it would be the other way round.
I`d hazard a guess, but the insteps tend to be soft and flexible skin, compared to the pads fore and aft which usually harden up. Thats going to take some time to heal....
Fair play to the bloke, I saw him interviewed a short way in to the trip at Tavistock (I think) and he was suffering immensely then. Must have took some strength of character to go all the way.
In that hot weather we've had the tarmac will have been melting to his feet. How the hell he did that on those raw skinned feet I don't know... His next charity thing will involve him being pushed around in a wheelchair.. Determination personified...


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Just slung a few quid in, fair play to him. Can't imagine what that would feel like as a parent.
When we met him and tagged along we were expecting him to be walking fairly slowly as he was about halfway into it by then, but he was doing the infantry shuffle most of the time and doing his best to keep his feet on the smoother white lines. I know myself from doing one of those patrol competitions where you cover a fair distance that it hurts less to shuffle than it does to walk when your feet start to get in clip. Can't even imagine covering the distance he has and barefoot as well, what a bloke!


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Did he make his financial target anyone know ?

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