Barefoot running......if true why are boots a nightmare?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gobbyidiot, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Over the last couple of days there has been a hullabaloo about how bearfoot running prevents heel strike and saves your joints. This follows on from an article years ago which suggested that people who wore hard flat-soled trainers had fewer problems than people with cushioned trainers because the ball of the foot and the whole midfoot hit the ground.

    Now boots have hard soles and they are widely held to absolutely jigger your knees and hips. Either, i) they don't, ii) they do, but because the rigidity prevents your ankle and foot working, or iii) they do, because few people do enough of it to stop heel-striking.

    I'm inclined to think "ii" is probably true.

    A bloody annoying finding, however, when you've got a quarter of a century of wear and tear in your joints.
  2. My bold - so..... nowt to do with belt kit, weapon carriage and a 112lb green dwarf clinging onto your back then? I'm showing my age here.
  3. To put it simply, running barefoot allows better technique via the correct mechanisms and nervous response being able to function properly. It doesn't make technique perfect though, there is still a certain element in the person not acting like a twat.
    Boots cause issues because - although they can be "flat" - they are too rigid, too heavy and have thick soles. These cause much the same problems as chunky fecking moonboots with supression and confusion of nervous stimuli and response etc, although they aren't as bad in some ways.
    Ultimately, you can learn to run better in things like boots and things, but a bulk of learning needs to be done in something lighter and thinner to get the right patterns going etc.
  4. what kinda patterns are those then :?
  5. The mojo patterns that propel your pissed-up Friday night dancefloor triumphs.
  6. I'll bite you bastard :D
    Muscle firing patterns, nervous acuity, perceptual cues etc.
  7. Hullabaloo is a word I don't use often enough, I shall correct this.
  8. so true, you wouldn't want to suffer from an ankle proprioception related injury :D
  9. As a young teenage track runner, I'd run barefoot on grass. It was fine until the day I trod right on a ripped coke can that the grass cutter had decided to drive over rather than pick up!

    Basically I didn't have money for posh trainers and the 1.99 dunlop specials that I had were terrible for running in!

    Lesson learned, saved pocket money, paper money and even scrounged round the gutters for change to buy a first proper set of trainers!
  10. Unfortunate choice of name;'I'm a poser, are you a poser?'
  11. I agree. I used to think pose running was accerating past fit women in the park and putting a bounce in my step to make the old feel bad.
  12. And wiggling your finely toned buttocks.

    Although I do have a pair of Vibram 'Fivefingers' which are apparently designed for this 'extreme running' business- the nutters who run across Death Valley in summer etc.
  13. Just googled your Fivefingers things Auscam, interesting, very interesting.

    I wonder what the reaction would be turning up to a BFT/BPFA/PFT or whatever it's called nowadays with a pair of them on......
  14. The reaction would likely be bad - cue arguments of lack of support, etc.

    The argument that the foot and human body have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be adept at running without any additional support probably won't cut the mustard with a PTI...

    ... but go on, do it. Award yourself those extra press-ups.