Barebacking whores

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Porridge_gun, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Through work ventures I'm in negotiations with a fair few Estonian, Liberian and Croatian types.

    Over coming weeks and months I'll be having to visit said countries and be temporarily grown up during business hours, but the nightlife in these places had me intrigued.

    I've never been a fan of the pale and insipid look, it would be like penetrating a resident of Belsen or Krakow, thats arousing for very different reasons. On speaking to other chaps who've been over they all tell me (quite early on in the convo) that you can do all the whores bareback. I of course am a gentleman and certainly won't be nailing any crack whores on the run from jerzy balowski, however the thought made me reflect on times gone by when you've used every excuse under the sun not to bag up and suffocate your hampton.

    Whats the most stupid and ridiculous place you've barebacked a slapper / whore? Have you ever eaten out a whore knowing, moments earlier there was another champ roaring up it?

    Mine will probably be Belize or Mexico, I've a weakness for dusky latinos and when one offers her mouth, fish slot and bunghole in exchange for a pound or two I used to have the breaking strain of a peice of damp toilet tissue.

    I was blessed with a small amount of luck, I've managed to never get a dose, despite banging some very questionable ladies over the globe, I remember growling out one pretty but very smelly central American in Cancun, only to find out moments later that my mate (a truly gopping cunt) had only climbed off it an hour previously and completely destroyed her nob socket.
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  2. Paid an extra £20 to chow out a ropey hooker in Brum and barebacked a couple of street ladies in pattaya but in my eyes you aren't hardcore till you bareback a wiener then let it shoot in your mouth.
  3. Nothing better than organic protein shakes om nom nom!

    Normally Reading or Hounslow where there is a fine selection of willing amateurs and semi-professionals, not the most exotic of locations but it doesn't matter as most of the cunt has been trafficked in from other more exotic locations against there will which adds to the fun .
  4. Flash cunt!
  5. I was in a whorehouse in Curaceo a fair few moons ago, nine of us sat at the bar decided to tag team one of the whores, we did it two at a time, she was on all fours, you'd start with a blowjob then move around to shoot your muck doggy style. Well I was about 5th in line and as one of the lads shot their muck the guy getting a Blowjob switched to shagging and someone else joined in and started off with a blowjob.

    I already had a dose but didn't get another one, can't vouch for the 4 lads in the queue behind me though.
  6. Not so much in the exchanging of monies for services renedered but the following women were whores to me (meant afeectionately). Had my way with a Stowmartian when stationed at Wattisham. She was a bit of a bike (put the Tour de France to shame) but then found out a few weeks later than another chap from my unit had had caught crabs from her so I was a bit quicksharp tp the Med Centre.In Minden I did become acquainted with a rather ugly rotund sort and happily plowed her furrows bareback knowing her reputation as a Mans' Lady (as opposed to a Ladies Man) and her particular passion for squaddies. No condoms were used but have been blessed with a bit of luck. Never slept with a Lady of the Night but a fair few scrubbers who could have been well off had they charged purely on partner count.
  7. A nice night fighter down the Oxford road? Not a fucking chance!!!

    (That reminds me - must phone the ex.)
  8. You're taking your life in your hands on the Oxford road of an evening!
  9. It's a great night out! You never know what's going to happen: Will I get mugged by a dealer/pimp, will I catch AIDS or get arrested??? :)
  10. I worked off and on at the TA centre there for a short while, I felt safer driving round Basra in a Land Rover than I ever did Oxford Road at night.
  11. One of our famous types had to visit the MO, about some suspicious white lumps that had appeared around his lips. She examined him and said if she didn't know any better she would think he had contracted genital warts. Without blinking he replied that she was probably right as he'd been licking a whore out on stage in Amsterdam!!!

    Some people have such style!!!
  12. A Stowmartian? You're lucky you didn't catch every disease known to modern science. Some of the most dismal slappers that it's ever been my misfortune to see.
    Best thing is Mrs Bonzo saying things like "I evicted her, took that one to Court 6 times, got a repossession order off that one for running a disorderly house etc"
    The I think, hang on, why didn't you tell before you got cracking with the writs. Mrs B. has no sense of fun at times
  13. Once shagged an horrendous bird in Punta Gorda who looked like Guy the Gorilla. No condom and I was so concerned I went to the med centre and had tests done. Clean bill of health and have used condoms ever since. Except for BJ's and HJ's.
  14. I quiet lierally stumbled across a doging session. I got curious and wandered over for a look. Ended up being told to shag the tattooed and pierced monstrocity by her "boyfriend". I have no idea if anyone had been there before me, but I pretty much burnt my cock off in the shower when I got home trying to kill anything I may g=have caught with hot water!!
  15. Was in Amsterdam a couple of years back and felt like emptying my bag early in the night. Walked around and found a fit blonde Polish bird who had the webbing on. She swung over to nosh me off in a 69 style I'm the first punter of the night she tells me and a tidy shaved fanny couldnt help but give it a lick. She wasnt too thrilled though.

    I'll bet it was one of those fat as fuck repulsive Romainan gypo types you dinned out on.