bardic system

i know that this aged bit of kit is no longer sitting in your unit stores, or is it? Maybe you still have one somewhere? What i am looking for is any information you may have on part numbers and part suppliers. I would also like any training aids and training info on the bardic system.
the reason i am asking is that a company that supplies me with helipad kit has just purchased new and used bardic systems, they are in need of serious reconditioning, repair and calibration. the suppliers will also require any information and training on the set up and adjustment of the bardic system.
if any of you out there could get me anything then please message me.
many thanks
I beleive there is a full set of Bardic lamps on Nishimoto flats...

I can recall Andy 'fackin C*** stood on top of his safety vehicle screaming 'Caaaahhhnnttss' at the bowser mong that left them behind..

They were his pride and joy and assume he would have been happier if we'd gang fcuked his sister than lost his precious Night Landing Aids :D

I believe the guilty man now resides in Hull and was also the same chap who got the face full of 6mm auto BB fire...


I can remember getting stiffed to run them out on Detmold airfield often enough. Gave up with the batteries as they were wnak, and used a lot of cable and 12v/100amp battery, or better still, a bunch of glims.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe most of 1 Regt gang-fcuked AFC's daughter - so I doubt he'd have batted an eye-lid if his sister was the next in line.

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