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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by RFUK, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. I know, I know.. Another ranting post from RFUK. However, as we speak my Barclays account is more than likely being raided.

    I just checked my bank account online and since yesterday, almost 1500 quid has dissapeared. I phoned the "emergency fraud" number, but was put through to a recorded message telling me the lines open at 7. What good is that!!

    I'd like to say "rant over", but we shall see! :x
  2. Nasty. Hope you recover the money.
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  3. It's always a mistake giving the Mrs your pin number.

    I'll get my coat
  4. Thanks. On the advice of a friend, I called the number printed in tiny writing on the back of my debit card and demanded to speak to someone. Quite why they don't publish the number on their website, I've no idea. They've at least put a stop on my account now, and I'll sort it in the morning.

    PB - If the missis ever got hold of my pin number, I'd be splashed across the front of every newspaper in the country the next morning - With the headline "MONSTER" or some such like.
  5. Let us know how they handled it please and if? you get it all back.
  6. RFUK. If your experience is anything like mine, you will find Barclays to be a collection of useless, uncaring, unprofessional novices. Gone are the days when a bank was part of your financial team and considered customer service to be of any importance. They are commercial money lenders and take virtually no risks whatsoever while bleeding you dry in the process. You are a resource to be milked and like any other pimp they will skim off your money as it moves to and fro.

    Look at the recent court cases for illegal charges. They were virtually all settled in the lobby of the court house before entering the court because the bank knew that they were wrong. It doesn't stop them imposing illegal charges on the rest of use though. Unless you are brave enough to stand up against them, they will continue to bleed you.

    In my business I am tied into Barclays for a while yet, but consider them a major liability that has to be carefully managed rather than any sort of asset to my business. Their lack of professionalism at almost every level presents a considerable risk to my operation.

    My advice is to drag your personal business to Nationwide who come highly recommended by everyone I know who uses them.

    . . . . . . and you thought you wanted a rant!
  7. Yep 100% true.God help you if you are abroad and something happens to your piece of plastic. They advise you to go to your nearest Barclays branch and reset your card in the machine. Very helpful in the Balkans!


    Now look what you've done RFUK :twisted:
  8. . . . and another thing! My business manager is a spotty little girl just through puberty without any real knowledge of business and abso-fcuking-lutely no knowledge of mine. Even when I manage to drag issues and problems up through the ranks to senior managers they talk about their 'products' and not about my bloody requirements! Cnuts.
  9. This happened to me last week with Lloyds, I had £1322 taken from my account with online shopping, I went into the local branch and to be fair to them they sorted it asap. They stopped my card and put me in touch with their fraud department, it will take about 2 weeks before I get my money back. I was amazed that it happened as I am quite careful with my cards, some scamming twat did me over though!

    Woah, I stand corrected, they've just paid the money back in! Nice one Mr LloydsTSB.

    *edited to add amazement*
  10. If you are using the web to purchase goods it's advisable to get yourself a current account or credit card to use solely for online purchases, this will protect your 'everyday' account from online fraud. Make sure you set the limit of the account/card quiet low, say £500. If you need to make a purchase that will go over your limit, all you need do is call your bank/building society/credit card provider and let them know it's you who is making the purchase so it isn't declined.
    Capital One offer a free identity fraud service.
    Nationwide's online bank requires 3 lots of info to access your accounts online, and some of it is entered by drop down menus so protecting you from any malicious keyboard stroke programs that might be on your pc!
  11. Same happened to me, some knobber managed to take £6666 from my account (bizarre number I know!) but the bank were mega and sorted it in about three weeks start to finish.

    I recommend First Direct bank wholeheartedly. ( or 08456 100 100) I have mortgages with them the whole shooting match no dramas what so ever, even when JPA fcuked up my pay they were fine with it!!!!

    and no, I don't get any commission from recommendations and no I'm not made of money and no for something else that I've just forgotten!!!!
  12. I had this happen 7 years ago the weekend after I graduated, I only had £20 in my account so they did not get away with much. Barclays sorted it out in a few weeks. They will have to refund your money, and the retailer who sold the scammer the goods will more than likey take the hit for it.
    Like I said this was 7 years ago and Barclays IMO have gone down hill. is the way forward!!!!
  13. I can imagine how frustrating it was to find their Fraud line only open til 11pm, but I would have called one of the two 24hr numbers they have - one for lost/stolen cards (I think this is the one you refer to) and the other for general customer service.

    I've had no probs (except one*) with Barclays, I was even surprised that their 'legal helpline' was open and manned by lawyers on an extremely warm Sunday afternoon! And their fraud team called me when they thought there was some usual activity on my account. That said, I've not had to contact them for the same event as yourself, so I'll be interested to see how fast or slow they take to investigate and sort out your money, hope you get it back soon, thieving ba$tards.

    *This was in my branch where I was told that I couldn't do something with my own account due to verbal fart one cashier was excreting, which directly led to exceptional charges and going overdrawn. One fiery letter later threatening fire and brimstone (I find it best to do so in writing), and I was treated to a tea and biscuits appt, reinbursement of money plus £50 for my troubles. :D
  14. If you want a debit card for shopping on the net try This is a pre-paid Debit card. Go along to a pay point, put the money on the card, spend it on the net. No money left on the card, no one can rip it off :D :D
  15. I had a painful experience of those tossers. When I started up my company I went to them for a business account, my business "manager" looked pished off that I was even talking to him, obviously we were too small for him to be interested in. Anyway he set up a charge for an account I didn't ask for them promptly disappeared, I was left with an account that was taking in money with no card or cheque book to be able to draw from, he didn't get my telephone or internet account sorted so I was unable to get my hand s on the money, however the vastly inflated DD that I didn't ask for had no issues. The only way of sorting anything was my wife had her telephone details, however the security questions were a nightmare as their Indian call centre bloke couldn't understand my wife's Ulster accent and consequently he cut her off and wouldn't talk to her. Que me foaming at the mouth down my local branch who of course claimed it was all a different dept and hand nothing to do with them.

    In the end I moved branches not banks as the local manager was quite nice and I thought I would give them a second shot, what a stupid fecking mistake to make. Here come even HIGHER DD charges and a website that never fecking worked.

    The crowning turd was when I had enough and moved my account they wouldn't do feck all, they wouldn't talk to my new bank and I had to move all funds and SO/DD myself

    Barclay's, thanks for absolutely **** all