Barclays Bank

Has anyone else suffered service worse than call centre in India selling you a mobile phone you don't want from this leading banking insitute?

I'm sick to the back teeth with them; they're absolutely useless.

A quick run down of the worst incidents;

October 2004 - They allow a £130,000 "bill" to be taken from my account in a direct transfer; not withstanding the fact there wasn't £130,000k in my account, leaving me £128,500 over my overdraft. When instantly challenged (2 hours of phonecalls), apparently someone had typed in the wrong sort code. They refunded me cost of phonecalls. Then a month later I get sent a bill for being overdrawn by £128,500; I lost my teddy and charges were cancelled.

July 2005
Due to the awful banking hours and working fulltime (annual camp... I know I know, fecking soap-dodging student etc) I was unable to get into a bank to set up a standing order. Their website was unavailable. Their phone service would only serve me with a passcode which would be mailed to my home address after I'd left the country (going abroad for work). I could not write a cheque for various reasons and was left fuming at their incompetence; luckily I managed to sort it out at the last second; with no help from Barclays.

January 2006 - June 2006
Someone kept on setting up direct debits on my account. They said nothing could be done (I am very careful with my details). Luckily I caught all of them before the payment had been taken and got them cancelled, but only because I check my account online everyday.
They refused to change my account.

I checked my account; cheque for £100 out of my account. "Funny", methinks, I've not written any cheques recently. Check my cheque book, and the cheque number stated relates to a cheque still in my chequebook, not written out yet, with several before it. On ringing barclays (saturday, no banks open of course), I'm told they can't cancel the cheque, as it "may not be fraudulent", despite me sitting there with the "cheque" in question. They can't cancel because it's "already gone through", even though it's dated 04/12/06. Apparently someone may have "put in the wrong sort code"

If this bank takes security so lightly as to have had several c0ck ups, mainly blamed on my sort code, perhaps they could fecking do something about it or swallow ALL charges due to them, which they are always so unwilling to do.

Basically, once I've got my money back I'm changing my bank; any suggestions?
Sorry to hear that Crabby, they are all barstewards, MM dont suppose you have a link for a letter to send to banks about these charges that we can claim back? Yes, Im lazy but you are clever about these things :D
suggestions yes stuff it in your matress they are all w*nkers

In all serious check the building societies they seem to be a bit more useful.

Also Natwest and lloyds have uk call centres, however Natwest are barstewards with charges.

Lloyds are generally ok until you get into any difficulty (non fraudulant)
the utter barstewards.
I used to be with Cocklays but I found their customer service to be shite, I had some one elses cheque come out of my account and it put me over my over draft limit and I got a £30 fine and no money for the weekend drinking. Took two weeks to sort out.
I moved to - Wonderful people, CC is first class, but Barclays managed to c0ck up my bank transfer (standing orders where not correctly swapped across).
Other things - they did not set up my Internet banking correctly, I'm still waiting for for my telephone pass code, statements come once in a blue moon - even thou I ask for them to be sent monthly, the list goes on!!! - and this has been on going for six years!!!!!

Move to - you get free booze :O)

also check out
Mad_Moriarty said:
Thank you, that's really useful.

I've been using egg for my credit card; and they were generally good. However, inline with most other credit companies they increased their interest from about 12% APR to about 16% now. I try to pay off all, or as much as I can, but it helps to be a buffer for my cashflow problems. Far better than my C0cklycard which is now 22% APR with £12 charge if payment a day late or over my limit by 1p etc etc... Lost £24 to them barstewards now. Hence cancelling of the card.

Am glad (in a bad way) that other people have been suffering with Barclays - and am glad they've moved away as well.
The problem is, with so many standing orders, direct debits, cards etc a bank transfer can be difficult; especially in my current situation (low income, small overdraft); however it will all change in July when I am a post-post-graduate with a good income. I may have to wait until then to change.

I'll look into smile, thank you
Gillylady said:
the_matelot said:
Gillylady said:
Thank you, love you lots!
I wish!!! :wink:
Grrrrrr Man thing...going off topic. Crabby's bank
Don't worry Gilly - can't blame the man ;)

Unfortunately you now know my financial affairs, so won't be interested... would it help if I mentioned my £3m in an overseas account from inheritence that I can access as long as I have £100,000 cash as a holding deposit? Perhaps you could help me out?


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Have been with the Royal Bank of Scotland since I was sixteen, maaaaaaany moons ago and have never had cause for complaint. Couple of minor D/D or standing order niggles sorted out immediately over the phone (all UK based and 24/7)

Would imagine Nat West will be similar, it being the same company and all that.
Im with RBS and all was well until I owed them wolves after a rabbit :evil:

PS Hi Sixty :D
I'm with Lloyds TSB and I've found that the best way of dealing with them is with threats! :D

It works! And as far as I'm aware, I'm the only person I know who's managed to get compensation out of them when they fcuked up my bank account. Granted it was only £150 compo but hey, better in my pocket than theirs!!!

Lloyds are my bitch......
I bank with Barclays and when I got a letter saying I was over my overdraft limit and being charged they wrote underneath...seeing as you've not had any charges in the last couple of years we'll refund it this time. :D Happy customer.

Beware the wnakers Egg... Had nothing but grief off them and it's ended up with collection agencies involved because they don't ever tell you what's going on. Apparently paying a debt off isn't good enough for them... :evil:


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the_matelot said:
I'm with Lloyds TSB and I've found that the best way of dealing with them is with threats! :D

It works! And as far as I'm aware, I'm the only person I know who's managed to get compensation out of them when they fcuked up my bank account. Granted it was only £150 compo but hey, better in my pocket than theirs!!!

Lloyds are my bitch......

Probably worked out cheaper than paying the FOS case fee (whether your complaint was justified or not Lloyds TSB still have to pay it)
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