Discussion in 'Travel' started by the_matelot, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Right, I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow (first time) and I'm all 'do this thing, do that thing' out.

    I'm staying near Sants train station so getting around should be fairly easy.

    What would you recommend for a 3 day visit?
  2. it's a good, fun place. named after the barca family (hannibal's dad)
  3. Sagruda La Familia, excuse spelling, its the Cathedral of the Seven Sisters,, absolutely amazing building, climb into the tower you get quite a good view.

    Take the cable car to the olympic stadium, the view of the city is amazing as you go over the port

    If you are a footie fan, then take the tour of barcelonas stadium

    Last time we went we got a two day travel pass on the tourist bus, we did one complete circular tour on each of the routes, then cherry picked what we wanted to go back and see on the second day.

    Good sea food resturaunts around the Olympic Port if you like that, fantastic paella

    Hope that helps
  4. Ok, I live about 90 minute drive away and don't know it fantastically well but a bit. What do you like doing normally? Sunbathing? Museums? piss-ups?

    The old Quarter,- Barri Vell - is worth a look, old churches/buildings. Picasso museum, the Cathedral.
    Opposite the cathedral at the end of carrer (Street) Princesa on your left is a small plaça with the Black Horse which I visit when in town.
    The area between Ramblas and Barri Vell is fun to do.
    DON'T buy anything on Las Ramblas, not even a beer or food, you will just get ripped off for crap.

    The Sea-front has got quite a lot to look at, The maritime Museum is not too bad.
    Passeig de Graçia is good for high class shopping, and Sagrada Familia (church) is good for architecture (Gaudi).
    Plenty of night-life, best between Ramblas and Barri Vell, start slowly and pace yourself as it can finish at really silly o'clock, like the normal time Cpl Darling wakes you from your slumbers.

    Warning: It is bloody hot right now so pace yourself during the day, don't try to do too much. Drink loads of H2O you will need it more than you think. Remember shop times are later closing and go on till about 20.00
    Lunchtimes, look for 'Buffet Liure' (Libre in Spanish) where you pay a set price and go trotters-in till you feel like a beach-ball, I love the feckers.

    Take a day to grab a train from Sants and go to visit Girona (about an hour by train) and look round the old part, stroll round the city walls and visit the jewish museum. Really worth it.

    If you fancy a day at the beach get the train to Mataro and have a day at the platja (playa)

    Lots of folk in Barna only speak spanish but lots are pure catalan, try saying Bon Dia and adeu instead of buenas dias and adios.

    Hope this helps a bit
    have a good few days.
  5. Fantastic place, brilliant place to eat that has chickens cooking on the spit in the wall that you can see and smell on the outside, you go through the kitchen to get to the tables, food was excellent. It is in the Lost Planet guide.

    Also there is the live sex show, greasy spic bloke with pony tail and sunglasses nailing a skinny bird who looked like she was trying to curl one out.
  6. And watch your wallet! An unbelievably high amount of pickpockets & thieves roam aroud the Ramblas and other tourist haunts - watch out for the men showing you local papers if you are at a cafe. They tend to walk off with bags, cameras and the like.
  7. Had a weekend there with the Mrs last year, absolutely brilliant, the weekend was only spoiled by the OH getting her handbag nicked. This was from one of the nicer cafes in the Pl d Espagnol. I was there with the ship, loads of the lads got mugged/robbed/rolled. The only answer is to go ashore with the bare minimum. The theft did not stop us from having a fantastic time in a fantastic city. The tourist buses are a great way to see everything so you can cherry pick where you want to go.
    A walk though the Montjuic parc, over the cable car, and back along the Barcelonetta for a few beers/coffees is a nice way to spend the afternoon.
    Have an nice time. Dabber Boy :D
  8. Agreed, also beware of pairs of young Latino girls trying the same diversion tactic whilst attempting to pick your pocket, son in law nearly fell victim and was only saved by my daughter (his missus) punching the pick-pocket in the side of the head. Must admit I didn't know that the boxing training when she was younger had been remembered.
  9. Find the bar that does all you can drink sangria or cheap beer for 7 euros
  10. FUCKING DABBER???? How dare you insult me! :D

    Cheers to everyone else for their advice :thumright:

    It's a shortbreak with the woman so I'll give her the heads up about not carrying her entire life in her handbag (I'll make sure I keep hold of my handbag too before anyone suggests it..)

    Filbert, you don't happen to know roughly where that restaurant is?
  11. Go to Les Quinze Nits in Placa Reial - Brilliant. Halfway down Ramblas on left. top right corner of square
  12. Picking up an old thread as off to Barcelona on Tues of next week for 4 days with Mrs M. Any further recommedations appreciated, especially for a decent guidebook or 2 as there appear to be quite a few on the market between Amazon and ebay.

    Any special events on next week that we should be looking at? Any websites we should be visiting before we go etc?

    Thanks in advance
  13. Bump - any additional info folks?
  14. Definitely take the tour of Camp Nou and take a ride on the open top bus tour if the weather is ok. There are 2 or 3 routes to choose from and you can get on and off at various stops. :wink:
  15. The new camp is only a 10 minute walk from sants estacion. Go to the gothic quarter, there are numerous Roman buildings there which are still in use and look amazing. Any of Gaudi's building are a must, the park he designed, Parc Guell is a gorgeous place! The beach and the Port is nice. There is also a really big Zoo. Im sure you will Go to La Ramblas. There are plenty of good places to eat there and cheap if you go down the side streets. La Ramblas has plenty of nice boutiques if you or your other haf goes shopping

    I got a one day Bus pass for one of the tour buses. I think they are about 14 euros and well worth it if you dont have much time. They take you pretty much everywhere of interest and are about every 10 minutes well into the night. Failing that get a T-10 underground pass. I think they are about 7 euros and get get you everywhere. They last for 10 journeys.

    Lastly there are massive problems with pick pockets so WATCH YOU WALLET!