Barce Camp. Cyrenaica

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BarceBandit, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Anyone serve at Barce? KDG...June 47 until March.48
    13/18th. Hussars. March 48.
    16th/5th Lancers....?
    Any others and any idea when last unit left Barce. Libya.?
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I have a suspicion 15/19H were there (sounds familiar) when Suez kicked off and they found themelves bringing dry-clad Cents up to speed.

    Try "Light Dragoons" by Allan Mallinson. Sat in the office, book not to hand, sorry.
  3. Thanks AlienF I do have contact with 'Light Dragoons' 'Our Jack' was Sgt.tank Commander with 13th/18th on D Day;I also knew the late 'Pat Hennesey' (Young Man in a Tank) and still in touch with 'Ernie Hammilton' (From Normandy to the Baltic by Battle tank, courtesy of 15th/19th Hussars).(books possibly available from Light Dragoons web.)
  4. I was on exercise in Libya in 1960-61 and was with an FRT supporting 14th/20th who were , i think, the regiment at Barce at that time.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Did 'Your Jack' attend the Open Day at Bovvy, end of June, guest of the RAC Centre Officers Mess?

    If so, I and my son had the honour to stand and chat with him for some time.

    The pleasure was all ours.

    Edited bone typo.
  6. 'Our Jack' passed away a few years ago, went all through WW2 via.North Staffs then 13/18th. He kept a very interesting diary about DD training in Scotland, build up to D Day and then on until demob as SSM in 1946.
    It was through this diary that I collated for his children (my young cousins) that I got in touch with his old comrades and my connection with the Light Dragoons.
  7. 2rtr were at homs..
  8. I think 3DG were the last RAC in North Africa. Armd recce based at El Adem and had to leg it to Cyprus when Gaddafi overthrew King Idris in 1969. Barce was definitely closed by '67.
  9. Light-P , that's what I'm after, 1967 seems about right. I could do with more units though, there's a 20 year gap from when we left.
    Pupgreen, isn't Homs somewhere by Tripoli?
  10. havent a clue with out getting an atlas out,, but always remember pics in the museum of 2 and 6 rtr i believe in homs..
  11. Yep 6RTR were there in 58! :D
  12. A very good year
  13. Vintage!!! :wink: :lol:
  14. 14/20th KH arrived Sep 1962 taking over from 2RTR,
    they left Sep 1965 and the 5th Skins took over from them.

    C Sqn of the 3rd Carbs arrived Dec 1967 for a 9 month tour at El Adem, then B Sqd of the Carbs relieved them in Sep 1968 also for a 9 month tour..

    a sqd from the 17/21st Lancers took over from B sqd of the Carbs
  15. Thanks for the info, but how many of these were at Barce?
    There must have been married families there later as I read of an army school in Benghazi/Barce.