Barca can have the cup - weve got Henry!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Padre, May 19, 2006.

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  1. If it was a choice then this is the one I would have made all along (even though this would have been the one that completed the set).

    New stadium, Henry staying, no Norwegians in sight - What a good day.

  2. Cracking news,and also looks like there's trouble at bridge.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Please show links!!

    Have the Russian Police carted Abromovich off to the Gulag, leaving Chelski in £700,000,000 of debt so they have to become the new Accrington Stanley and play in the Unibod league for 40 years! Please say its true!!

    I'd rather have won Henry than won that stupid cup! (Maybe!)
  4. No trouble here!!. Just becuase Drogba is whinging because the press called him a diver (What!!! I here you all say!)
    Anyway, Ballack has already signed and Shevchenko is on his way. Maybee you can even finish in the top three next season?
    Ventress I have told you before, there is nothing dodgy about a 35 year old Russian being a multi billionaire. He has no links whatsoever to the Mafia
  5. Venty, I'll keep the £500, that the magic sign(Ladbrokes) are about to pay me. HeHe.
  6. DS,Drogba wants away,Jose says no.SWP could be on his way to Liverpool.Schev will stay with AC.Its looking great for a new season already,rumours abound,love it.Oh yea world cup kicks off soon,Shrek looks to be having a miracle,well I'm blowed.
  7. Vent,sorry that news about Drogba was on Skysports News yesterday,fitted in in a ten second block between adverts and Henry interview.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You should have said, Sniffer.
  9. I see from today's offerings from the beeb that Maniche has left Chelski.

    It takes a special player to be happy sitting on the bench counting his money safe in the knowledge that he might get an appearance as sub or the like from time to time. Still, I guess the money mkes up for it.

    How long before Wright-Phillips sees the light and gets himself off to a place where he can get first team football and a place in the England team (which looked certain before he joined Mourinho)?

    Chelsk have at least unified English football for it seems everybody hates them.
  10. balls to you all!!!!!!
  11. And I see that Henry has been persuaded to stay for far less money than the latest? Dynamo Stamford signing.

    Which is nice :)
  12. I would just like to add, before the next round of incoming, that Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, and John Terry are far better players now under his worship Jose than they have ever been. SWP will get better, he just has to do what Joe did.

    I now know how Man Utd fans must have felt for all those years
  13. Drain,

    Wasn't having a go merely pointing out that everyone seems to be taking great pleasure in hating Chelski, which is a sad stae of affairs but one that is not helped I guess by their buying policy or the public facing style of their manager.

    The problem is trying to buy all the best players is that you can only play rotation football for a season (i.e. short period of time) before some of the players get browned off with being on the bench and other rotation requirements.

    Don't take it personally - consider it a public service, while they're hating you they're leaving others alone,

  14. What's red and white and goes beep...beep...beep?

    Arsenal's open top double decker bus reversing back into the garage.