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  1. for gods sake...when you do your barbs....READ THE BLOODY QUESTION....i cant stress that enough......take your time....look whats going on and youll do fine...i had to take min 2 times to get the score i wanted -_-
  2. Im going to admit it... so did i

  3. yep, i didnt do the test twice.....but i did make a hell of a mess outa the practice booklet!!! looked like some kids primary school test paper...lol
  4. Not a problem just ask your recruiter nicely for a replacement one. I always made sure my applicants fully understood the consequences of not being properly pepared and even re booked a couple of people who told me they hadnt bothered revising it. You can have three attempts in a yearandre-take it after 28 days but its best to do your best on first attempt but remember if you get a lower score on the retake you cant use your first score.
  5. The BARB should be like being on operations, one chance only..

    but alas RGI bible says give the mental challenged more than one chance...
  6. :D
    Only because we had pebbles on our selection day :wink:
  7. agree gnr darbyshire its not like the barb is a challenge they give you the book to revise do the army really want ppl that r not prepared to prepare

  8. NO by the way thats one of my lines that I regularly quote, you young pup will go far....
  9. lol really well at least theres more than one of us operating on the same level