Barbie for Men

Is that a fcuking drum magazine in the middle?

NSN anyone?

Failing theat, where's the best place to get one for my next weekender to Hythe and Lydd?

Will I have to black-nasty it to my gat?

Gimme, gimme, gimme.....
EX_STAB said:
The best option for an M4 would be a full length barrel!
agreed, they can stick as many bells and whistles on the tinny little dinky toy as they like, its still a lump of crap, mainly because the round and the short barrel length are incompatible.
'but its light and easy to carry they whine', yep and you need that to carry more ammo because of its inaccuracy and loss of MV.

its an absolute min of 16 inch for ss109 ammo, otherwise your just swapping MV for more muzzle flash and bang.
the americans have developed a heavier 88gn projie loaded round to compensate for the short M4 barrel, its issued to thier SF at the moment i believe, whats the bet they end up making this there new general issue?
so much for NATO stds and compatability.

i feel a rant coming on in the new optimum/round rifle thread.
That guy is incredibly weird!

Have you read some of the nasty and downright creepy little captions he has under some of the photos? He has a mother and daughter doll, and it's obvious he has a fantasy of shagging the daughter whilst the mother watches.

He wanted to copy the picture in the background!

Fair enough, i think we all would have a split second thought if we were left with one of these dolls. But buying one? I'd never even think about spending 5k on a doll, this guys got about 5!

Seriously makes you wonder why he can't get real women?
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