BARBGENIUS - Final Solution (yes in THAT sense)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Ignore him

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  2. Ignore him and delete every post he makes - MODs please help

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  3. Find him on and haunt him for the rest of his days

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  4. Remove his profile from our glorious site forever

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  5. Let him be and laugh further at his ridiculous claims and ridicule him forever more

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  1. This will hopefully prove to BARBGENIUS that no-one likes him and that he should stop trying to bait.

    His efforts here have made us all laugh, especially for one day of effort, so we could thank him in that respect, but the CCF WO1 RSM SSC GSC has insulted so many people in the process I don't think he's salvagable.

    So this thread to you BARBGENIUS is a farewell to you son...

    Who is 23, from the Manchester area, is a jack of all trades being a milkman and currently a security guard, second name most likely Ferguson with initials possibly BL. It is thought that he is male but anything is possible! Please can you help identify this moron? PM me with details, the Manchester area AFCO are counting on you!!!
  2. This will probably start him off again. I might sit this one out, last night dragged on for 8 bloody hours, covering 3 threads and some 20-odd pages.
  3. I saw mate and a bloody good effort is was too, well done!
  4. Sorry, just replied to him on the RLC or 'Intel' Corps thread. :oops:

    If he responds I promise to try and get rid of him.
  5. I actually find warped social misfits like BG highly amusing. Although he may have ruffled a few feathers on here, I'm sure none of us lost any sleep over it. He, on the other hand, has probably worked himself into a frenzy over his singlehanded crusade against what he perceives as "the intelligence community" He would undoubtedly claim that our derision is like water off a ducks back to him, but in reality, his chemically unbalanced brain will be working overtime to create a scenario in which he has somehow intellectually triumphed.
    Picture him now, if you will, in the back bedroom of his mothers house, in full faux CRW kit sharpening his Rambo survival knives, and leafing through back issues of Combat & Survival.
    Its quite sad really.
  6. I like the way he freely demonstrates his social inadequacies.

    Claims to be a Cadet kiddie fiddler, but has no real understanding of the Army he wants to join. Has failed in everything he has attempted so far. Daddy must be so proud of him!

    Can't wait for the DS to find out he is an ex CCF WO. Oh what fun they will have with the c0ck.
  7. g2_looney_bin, Why is there no "lets find out where he lives and burn the cnut alive whilst we all sit round sipping gin" option?
  8. I think you're all being very unfair, I've not laughed some much since Sir Dae comitted professional suicide on the RLC forum with his AT thread.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You seem to be losing G2 - he is leading 15/10 at the moment :wink: 8O
  10. That's because, as always, we rely on G5 and G3 to get their act together first :wink:
  11. I too spotted this likeness. So much for 'there can be only one'.
  12. Judging by the timing of BG's post yesterday, he should be finishing his shift at Tesco anytime now. We may well see him again soon.
  13. I'm gutted I binned it for bed last night. I missed the freak yotting conversation! Pure, unadulterated brilliance.
  14. As London is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, I think Ken Livingstone should lobby the International Olympic Committee and get Freak Yotting added to the programme of events.
  15. I think Wor Ken would be up for a bit of freak yotting.
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