BarbeSkew - BBQ, Anyone tried it or got one?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by SecurityGeek, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Saw one of these for the first time today. Apparently it has been around for a couple of years.

    BBQ | Charcoal BBQ | Gas BBQ | Barbecue

    Seems to be a reasonable idea and would allow me to do rotisserie chicken and the such like.

    It is an expensive item so would like to know if any Arrser's have either purchased and used or experienced anything cooked on one.
    The web does hold some reviews but they are few and far between, any comments would be gratefully received.
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  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    why not just buy a regular barbecue and some skewers? or am I missing the point?
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  3. Cheers Roadster.Nice piece of kit by the look of it. Unfortunately at £845 its a long way out of my price range.

    This was the attraction of the Barbeskew that it was within the range I was looking at and seemed to offer at a flat price a lot of the optional extras that the more established companies grills did as 'extras'. I have my small Weber kettle with which I have started smoking food now. Hit and miss because it is not designed for it, but getting there now and learning on the way!
  4. I personally think there's nothing better than a big oil drum and a bit of creative cutting and welding. It doesn't matter how many barbeques I've cooked on, nothing ever seems to come close in terms of heat retention and flexibility.

    The only down side is trying to convince the wife that having a massive oil drum BBQ in her pretty little ******* garden is a good idea.

    Edited to add; I'm starting to get a bit pissed of with this embedded advertising malarkey. 'creative', ffs. I didn't even give it a capital letter.
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  5. It's shiny, therefore essential.
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  6. The BarbeSkew barbecues all your food to perfection giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your bbq.

    As well as ensuring that no food is burnt, it also cooks food more thoroughly right through to the centre, and because the food is rotating, it is constantly self-basting ensuring that the food comes off moist and succulent.

    The Charcoal BarbeSkew gives the fantastic smokey flavour as the moist succulent food absorbs all the charcoal smoke. The Gas BarbeSkew is more convenient as it can be switched on and running in seconds.
  7. You're missing the point - the BarbeSkew automatically turns the skewers for you.
  8. Does it boil eggs?
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaahaha £400, jog on spammer.
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  10. I'm a Yorkshireman too. We sold 20 at the Great Yorkshire Show! Very reasonable price for the quality you get. When the average house price is £200k and people spend £20k on their car, then £400 is a great price for top-of-the-range equipment for your garden.
  11. Can you do a Family Spit Roast on the BarbeSkew ? We all get together a few times a year for a Family Spit Roast. Grandparents, Cousins, Nieces & Nephews, Brothers & Sisters etc. The highlight is our Granny basting the Joint with her Juices.
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  12. Not really, I wouldn't pay 400 quid for a bbq, its a ridiculous price to pay for a bbq......especially as it does not boil eggs for those odd people that want them.
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  13. Yes the BarbeSkew comes with a long skewer and clamps so that you can spit roast a whole joint of meat. So Granny can baste it as it's rotating! Added to which you can put a pan of boiling water on the grill that comes with the BarbeSkew so that you can boil your eggs!
  14. 400 quid?????? *faints*
  15. but why would I want to put a pan of water on a BBQ that costs 400 quid?