Barber Babes - anyone in Brisbane tried this place yet? ;P

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redshift, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Interesting place....but again Brisbane is the home of the original nude car wash (is it still there BTW?).


    $35 AUD (~ 23GBP) is not bad either (you get charged that much at most high street shops here in UK) and you can even have a beer while getting you hair cut. I wouldn't mind at all if the gals were half decent. :)

    Barber Babes
  2. Can you jack off under the gown they put over you ?
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  3. Does the beer come in a sipper cup? Wouldn't want clippings in my pint.
  4. Maybe you pay a bit extra for a happy ending?
  5. The nude car wash got shut down by the council ages ago. I go to a proper barber for a haircut and shave. Costs me $20 AUD.

    There's no fucking way I'd let some smack addict stripper near me with a cut throat razor.

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  6. There's a very funny video I've seen where a guy having his hair cut by a good looking female is cleaning his glasses under the gown!
  7. Just tell them you're cleaning your glasses. They'll be none the wiser.

    I hear they do kid's haircuts too.

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  8. So, can we take it that she wouldn't let you motorboat her tits whilst the haircut was going on?
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  9. Get yourself away from London then, you're paying waaaay too much!

    I remember reading years ago about a barber shop near Glasgow that was doing topless haircuts, but it got closed down after some local vicar got all outraged.

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  10. What Goaty said. Pay to be subjected to the attentions of some woman who's already pre-demeaned, possibly insane/diseased/drunk/drugged/boiling with feminist resentment and definitely wielding a razor?

    I think not!
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  11. Ahhh, the topless barber in Paisley.
    A quality establishment!

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  12. I actually pay only about £8 per's a joint which is partly subsidized by the company I work for...:thumright: