barbed wire museum UK

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by car_key, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone happen to know which - if any - of our various military museums specialises in barbed wire. The IWM doesn't by the way :)
  2. Why? Bizarre fetish?
  3. Try Eden Camp Museum, Malton. N.Yorks They may know.
  4. Get to the point! :wink:
  5. I heard of a barbed wire museum in America - goodness knows what I was watching to get that nugget of knowledge.
  6. Kansas...............
  7. ....Redefining the term "Spotter"!
  8. ah such wit - such erudition ... thanks guys ... :study:
  9. There are loons who collect this stuff one was arrested by the idf on the golan heights in a middle of a mine field as he had spotted a particulary
    rare strand . :?
    Its a yank thing as lots of diffrent types were first made to tame the west.
  10. er you mean steal from rightful owners surely ... ?
  11. think the yank donkey wallopers had sort of killed them all in some sort of ghastly blue on red incidents :twisted:
  12. Speak for yourself, i'm sure it makes all the difference depending on which wire is wrapped around the scrote sack during a dry thrusting session. 8O