Barbarians at the Gate

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Litotes, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Why am I awake at 0500hrs?

    Because the Barbarians are at the Gate to Litotes Towers and I would like some advice; that's why!

    I drove home yesterday after a wee while away earning a crust elsewhere. I was surprised to find a couple of surveyors doing their business in my garden. I suspect that I was given the standard response "we are working for the Council and we thought it was the Council's land". To which I responded, "are the Council's maps really that bad?".

    Having ascertained who they represented, I sent them on their way with a reminder that it would have been courteous to have asked my permission before trespassing.

    Surfing the web, I have established that the company is working for the local Council on a planned extension to Council property which lies about 100m away. Access to that land is poor and I can see that it would make their life easier if they could use my garden for access.

    I have not received any notice of planning activity but I live in a different postcode to the Council property and the Council might not have picked up my interest. Or, this might just be the Council preparing to submit a planning application.

    I can see my planned quiet life vanishing down the drain here... I will, of course, get down to the Council Offices to see what is going on but, in the meantime, I would welcome any advice!

    Could the Council force me to give them temporary access to their land? Could they force me to sell my garden to them?

    How does that work? How do I value my garden?


    And no, I haven't slept since the effects of several large brandies wore off...
  2. They probably can make an Order on your garden but there is one thing in your favour at the moment. All the Councils are facing terrible cut backs e.g. Suffolk CC is facing redundancies of 90% alledgedly
    The likelihood of your or the neighbouring Council having any spare cash at the moment is slight. What could prove to be a pain is if you wanted to sell Litotes Towers and, if the buyer's Solicitor was on the ball, things like this would show up on a land registry search.
    Fight it and let your neighbours know
  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Other option ther than fighting them is to see how long project will last, offer to allow access if acceptable, on condition that garden is landscaped and re-fenced etc, get your garden done up at their expense.
  4. Check your property and house insurance you may have a policy in place that gives you legal advice/protection etc.

    If so give them a ring.

    You pay for the policy let them do the work for you.
  5. While it will certainly be a worry for you, CPO is very rarely used these days. The LPA will need to explore all options and can only instigate a CPO if it is demonstrably in the public interest - this usually applies to new motorways etc but not extensions to existing premises. For instance, the construction cost of an additional storey to the building could be prohibitively expensive but that in itself does not justify a "land grab" from adjoining owners. What sort of building is it - admin? leisure? storage? The current policy is for Local Authorities to share facilities with neighbouring Authorities rather than develop their own. If they do go ahead they will have to reimburse any costs you incur for surveyors/solicitors fees. Your surveyor (if he's any good) will prepare a report of alternative options within the Borough - any one of which should demonstrate that their current proposal is convenient but not necessarily in the public interest.
  6. This is happening in the field behind my house - fortunately it flooded the other day, which hopefully will put paid to any council expansion plans into my rural idyll. However my advice is this: next time, kill the surveyors and bury them in your garden - the council won't bother you again.
  7. Fight it all the way, but knowing the council will win anyway, it's just making sure you get the biggest payout possible. Go on local news, making sure that you have a walking stick, row of medals, showing signs of Alziemers. Tell the reporter bint your "stressed" and can't sleep at night etc. Even say you need Viagra as its affecting your relationship(s). Make the council out to be sons of Stalin, hark back to a distant relative who may have been Jewish and may have been deported. Let your imagination run wild all for the greater good and a fatter cheque.
  8. We have a house in a co-propriety in France, adjoining the local infants school. The mayor found that some of our land had been mortgaged by the developer who went bankrupt building the estate (something that we did not know, despite paying a French Notaire a large sum of money to handle the purchase). The mayor then decided that some of our land (i.e. the car park and access road) would do nicely for an extension to the school and tried to do an under the counter deal with the liquidator to buy the land (offering a derisory sum of money). We got it sorted out, but it involved us in the co-propriety actually buying back what we thought was our land in the first place and the efforts of a very good (and expensive) French lawyer.
  9. Just tell the council that you're a muslim and you feel offended.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Where's your ward councillor when you need him? Ask him to explain what is going on. Council officers who will stonewall any member of the public have to terad a bit more carefuly if a councillor is asking the questions.
  11. Thanks for your collective help; there are some useful suggestions that I will pursue.

    I cannot find any indication that the Council has asked for planning permission. It seems to be an aspiration and they are doing some research before going any further. That gives me some time to undertake some research.

    Thanks, Guys. I'll keep you posted.


  12. BBC News - Glasgow grandmother faces Commonwealth Games eviction

    The above case is being reviewed after shown on the evening news.

    However it appears someone is out for blood

    Games granny in benefit probe - Herald Scotland | News | Home News

    Have a word with your councilor he/she is your local rep when it comes to council planning.
  13. If your name is Arthur Dent and you know a bloke called Ford Prefect then make sure you carry a towel with you at all times.
  14. Sad to say it does happen often Google it there are loads for 2009 an example:

    Public notices