Barbara "frigging" Stocking!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gundulph, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. According to this Oxfam trout we as a Country have been belittled by the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...


  2. Just what we need - another whingeing leftie oxygen thief. Probably spends most of her time singing "Give peace a chance" or some other such crap. Do these people actually live in the real world?
  3. Sad thing is the MOD have actually agreed with parts of her review!
  4. I won't have it that the MOD (re: the government, re: His Tonyness) actually doesn't back us 110% at all times, what kind of crazy world are we living in??? :?
  5. We should give peace a chance - and we will get peace by killing all our enamies!
  6. And we haven't? Certainly Iraq has done us no favours on the world stage.
  7. The Foreign Office spokesman said:

    [/quote] "The UK has pursued an effective foreign policy in the last 10 years, which has been values driven, activist and multilateralist."
  8. I think she has a point that we're no longer respected as impartial advocates. Instead we now seem to be seen as duplicitous, mendacious and willing to abandon the moral high ground on the instructions of the US. Looked at impartially, there's a fair amount of evidence to support this view.

    This wasn't a particularly impressive response. I could place myself at the heart of a debate by stamping into the middle and shouting everyone else down, but that doesn't mean I'd be respected for it or even listened to. That's the situation we seem to be in these days, especially in ME.

    Bear in mind, she' s not commenting on the conduct of the wars or even their justification. She's just countering the government view that they have been an unqualified success for UK policy.
  9. Values driven = Driven by Blair's values (or the voices from God in his head), and fu@k what anybody else thinks

    Activist = We are doing more, with less, than at any point since the aftermath of Dunkirk

    Multilateralist = We have succeeded in pretty much pissing everybody off in the process. The RN 15 have managed a new low in achieving even pissing the yanks off who think Brits can't fight now. That was a tricky country to pissoff but they pulled it out of the bag. GJ! I think thats the full set now? Except the Norwegians? Do they still like us?
  10. Now, don't get me wrong, having won that which Rhodes described as 'the divine lottery', we ought to rule the world, and pending that state of affairs, ought to be free to intervene in it to our own benefit - that's a fair definition of liberal nationhood, whilst we're about it. I suspect, though, that you'll find we've very rarely, if ever, been respected or even considered as impartial advocates: the chaps with the red coats and the Martini-Henrys, yes; blokes with a Navy big enough to rule the waves, yes; players of the Great Game, yes; arbitrary interventionists in our own cause, oh yes.

    The phrase 'perfidious Albion', exists for a reason.
  11. "The UK has pursued an effective foreign policy in the last 10 years, which has been values driven, activist and multilateralist."
  12. The full report runs to 28 pages and hits some nerves for HMG. Compare the comments on our actions over Sierra Leone / Kosovo and attitude to the other regions highlighted.

    I don't read any crit of UK forces, but there is (and needs to be) questioning of our foreign policy that goes beyond those areas where we deploy troops.

    Fair Foriegn Policy

    Coming the same day as ICRC report on Iraq, one has to wonder if the IO community are taking a more joined up approach on questioning our actions?
  13. Before we all go wailing and gnashing teeth......

    Do we disagree with the opening paragraph or not?


    Personally, I don't see anything to disagree with there.

    Poll added.
  14. I reckon she is right to a degree - but clearly it is the POLITICIANS that have led the nation into this state of unhappiness.

    Notwithstanding the 'cash for stories' POLITICALLY DRIVEN c*ck up,

    (and if I was a junior sailor - soldier - airman and I was told to grab a bucket full of cash I would be there with little hands held out)

    I see no reason at all for HM Armed Forces to be anything other than 'effing' proud of how they have undertaken the 'dodgy' tasks handed out by Bliar and his cohorts since 1997.
  15. What exactly makes her a Leftie? Do you know anything about her?

    Oxfam know a great deal about the "real world" and are at the sharp end in a lot of it. They do fine work.

    And what has Barbara Stocking said here that we can actually, honestly disagree with?