Barbados - what is there to do?

some seriously fit hookers if olympic sprinter type bodies is what you're after
i went a few years ago and took a bus and walked round the island it was worth it as you see a lot more than the touristy bits
and the locals were friendly just make sure you go during daylight hours
you will be offered ganja but just be firm and say no and they tend to leave you alone

i stayed at St Lawrence gap and walked round to Bridge town then caught a bus round to the east coast where the difference in the sea is amazing

enjoy it the place is beautiful! there may also be cricket on while you are there thats worth a day out! :)


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Plenty to do in Barbados but it can be very touristy.
Bridgetown is great at night with loads of good bars, restaurants, nice ladies etc.
For an 'authentic' night out try Nelson Street in Bridgetown but make sure that there are at least 3 or 4 of you, it's a bit dodgy but I never had any trouble down there. The best bar in Nelson Street is the 'Black Beauty' and it is run by a local 'Delboy' character called Vincent, he can 'arrange' just about anything for you.
Avoid the 'Boatyard' unless you enjoy being with pissed up cruise ship employees.

If offered any drugs be aware that it could be a police set up and Barbados Prison is very unpleasant.
In fact, don't get in trouble with the law full stop, they are very strict and they give out realistic punishments in their courts.

St Lawrence Gap is a good night out but be aware that booze and hot weather mixed give the same results as over here, chav behaviour is'nt confined to the UK.
You will get the best fried chicken and burgers that you will ever taste from the take away stalls in St Lawrence Gap but be prepared to wait as they are very popular.

Banks's beer is usually approx US$ 2.00 (BD$ 4.00) per bottle and a visit to the Mountgay rum distillery is a must.

The local speciality is Flying Fish Fajitas and do try them, they are delicious.

Barbados is a brilliant place and just about my favourite of all the Caribbean islands, I hope you have a great time.
West coast very expensive, mostly all inc hotels, and very little to do outside the complexes.

South coast more down to earth.

Saying that, a hire car is well worth it because you get the best of both if you're mobile.

Speighstown up the West Coast is worth a visit in the day, The Fisherman's Pub is cheap, built out over the water and serves great local food, and the beach just below it isn't exactly world class, but it's usually deserted, blue skies, palm trees......

Further down, there's a little place called Cyrus' Beach Bar, if still there.

Go in the morning, take snorkelling gear, park and tell him you will be back for lunch. Go down to the beach, turn left, around 100- 200 metres is some very pleasant snorkelling out along coral spits.

If you hire a car, there is a highway running down the length of the island. try to avoid the section around Bridgetown.... gridlocked. A little inland is a web of minor roads, use them. It's difficult to get lost, and the little "Variety Stores", will sell you a beer and give advice.

Keep off the west coast road, get to where you want to be on the highway, then turn 90 degrees to go to the spot.

On the south coast, our favourite beach was just above Oistins.... Miami Beach. Not very touristy, popular with the locals. Old bus on bricks, "Mr Delicious" great beer and fishcakes. Plus Oistins fish fry on the weekends is good, but most nights, you can go for a more laid- back drink.

Great day out is drive along the east coast, spectacular scenery, go to Bathsheba. If you drop down, head left towards the Edgewater Inn. Upmarket, but the views are to die for.

If you like spooky, google "dancing coffins barbados"to go to Oistins and visit the churchyard.

Carlisle bay is very quiet, but much more laid back, best by car, even though in Bridgetown, if you look out, you can see where dive boats are anchoring. There are 3 wrecks about 200 metres out that can be easily snorkelled, 9 metres tops, to the seabed, but touchable.

Don't even toy with the idea of dope, it's all around, but if you get caught..... they don't want the island going like Jamaica, so they come down very heavy, but that makes the island pretty safe.

All this is just quirky stuff, if you want the mainstream tourist trips there's plenty more info, one to go for is the swimming with turtles, used to go out from the shore, but the buggers moved it, to stop cheap buggers like me.
Again, Baxters Road and Nelson Street, a little funky, I met up with a few Bajans over the years, they really are some of the nicest humans I've ever met, and I've been taken down these places and felt at ease.

Don't patronise them though, they get their revenge, they are very proud people.

The old plantation owners must have enjoyed their "salty" soup, I've seen them put down snotty behaviour when in their company.
Dirtyfilthymech said:
Cheers fellas, sounds like im going to have a good ole drinky poo
When are you going?

I am supposed to be there now but I have been delayed and I should be going on the 13th Nov.

Work not holiday though.
Go to Glitter bay. Its an amazing beach with very calm water and a gorgeous coral reef. When I went there were monkeys running up and down it and some jumping on our hire car. There are lots of caves to explore and Bridge town is a nice place, just don't take the missus as there are lots of very cheap jewelers and I found out the hard way (and so did my wallet) other than that just get yourself pissed on Banks beer and Rum. Oh and If you get chance go a boat tour. Was AMAZING swam with turtles and dived down to ship wrecks from the colonial days. There is also a rather cool Fort with lots of history to look round which is definately worth a look. ENJOY
My quick guide to Barbados as of my return:

Knocking shop = the Rolex club Bridgetown 100 Bajan $ for oral

The round Island safari is well worth the money if you go on to the Barbados tourist website and get a VIP Gold card you get 2 for 1 offers making this trip £30 each, as much food and rum punch as one man can drink. On this trip we stop at a Rum Shop in Shorey Village which is owned by Nigel Benn’s aunty Top joint but rustic.

The catamaran trip is well worth the money if you go on to the Barbados tourist website and get a VIP Gold card you get 2 for 1 offers making this trip £30 each, as much food and Booze as one man can drink I went on the “Irish Mist” great crew.

Good nights are Harbour lights just a mile south of Bridgetown Wed and Fridays its 50 Bajan $ to get in with all booze included, Friday being the better night as the passenger ship Ventura crew drink in there and generally know how to have fun... (young females with soft skin)

St Lawrence gap is a must, Cafe Sol 22.00 – 00.00 is twofers followed by Mcbrides till 02.00. the Yank that runs The Ship can’t do enough for you.

Did the Mount Gay Distillery. And was good don’t do the basic tour do the meal tour.

Highlight of the trip sat by the Hilton pool bar and a body washed up the beach 15 metres away, It must of been there 3 hours before anybody decided to move him, the Karaoke was on and with someone singing “ Who wants to live forever”. But when i asked the bar manager what the crack was, He told me “Don’t worry man he isn’t going anywhere” “Relax and enjoy the best beach in Barbados”


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