I did but my mum threw it out. I tried going to the recruitment office but they were shut and dont open on a sunday. Im going back to uni monday so ill see if i can find the office there.
My mates 9 year old son had a go the other day without reading the booklet and got 38 - so you shouldn't have a problem being a uni student and all that.
I have a BARB booklet from the Office and in it theres only five different tests but on the howtobecome site they have different ones to whats in the booklet. Does that mean the booklet doesnt include all the different tests?
I got 62. I think i made myself worry too much as the test wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. If you do the work in the BARB booklet then you should be alright.
My tip is not to overthink anything as the score depends on how fast you answer aswell as how many you get right.

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