BARB tomorrow, any last minute tips?

Any advice or anything I should know before going up? Pretty ******* nervous about it, I just want it so badly, really hope I do well! It's not something you can study for really! :/
My advice:

Dont freeze.
Do it as fast as possible.
If you get stuck on a question or your mind goes blank - skip it ASAP.
Keep finger no more than an inch away from screen.
Don't wonder your mind - keep it on task. It only lasts just over 10 minutes.

Good luck.
psst: It isn't that hard.

I'd revise the booklet too just to ensure you understand each section and what is required.
It's not too difficult, just mostly common bet would be to get some sleep in my opinion, all you can do now is be fresh as a daisy and try your best, you'll be fine! 8)
alright lads, I'll give it my best shot anyway(no pun intended :p) guess I'll let ye know how it went when I get home!
I wore jeans and a jumper and trainers as well.. Just don't go in a tracksuit (it instantly puts the image of YOB or CHAV into ones head).

Okay REGARDING the BARB itself, drink plenty of fluids, get enough kip the night before, eat some nutri-grain or whatever in the morning and have a wholesome breakfast, minus fizzy drinks so you can fully concentrate. Ensure you do the practice booklet quite soon before to put you in the right state of mind, and other than that do your best.
I forgot to say, I have a few piercings, my ear and eyebrow etc, should I remove them.
Running the risk of sounding like a johnny 2 shits i was out drinking til 5 a.m, up at 8 then sat the barb at 9. Pretty much had my pick of trades so wouldnt worry bout it 2 much! If a mong like me can do it, i'm sure you can!!
oi oi! well that went as well as can be expected! My leaving cert is frying my head a little bit! He said I couldn't be offered Royal Engineer positions because of my school results. But in Ireland we have a different system to GCSE's. We have higher and lower level tests that you can do on the day that will giver different scores. If you score a D in Higher level it's acually around a B2 in ordinary level. It was my science subject that was lower. I'm not sure but I think they may just look at A,B,C,D etc without the consideration for higher or lower levels! I'm not that upset about it. I got offered like 50 positions but he informed me that I could have been offered many more if I had above a C level on my GCSE's( which is actually leaving cert here in Ireland) I've been really interested in MLRS,UAV or Artillery Command Systems all of which I've been offered anyway. But I'm just not sure, I'd nearly resit the leaving cert with ordinary level papers just to get the C or B they need :p To anyone from Ireland, my papers were higher level, should this be considered, would I have been offered ore positions if they were ordinary level and given the B?

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