Barb test?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by coley212, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey

    I have my barb test tommorow do I have an interview or anything or is it just the test then i can go?
  2. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong but I think you will be told when your formal interview is and after the test you will be given the jobs that are open to you, you pick your choices before you interviews as far as I know.
    Got my BARB and BS on tuesday too, good luck mate.
  3. Thanx mate and good luck to you to hope all goes well
  4. How did you get on coley?
  5. Alright lads, I've just done ADSC at Lichfield last month and passed. My advice is to be relaxed and confident, the BARB test is based on speed and accuracy. I went as fast and as accurately I could and scored 79 (this is the General Trainability Index), remember it's not a pass or fail test it's based on how quickly your brain works. The higher your score, the more jobs are open to you. I think the highest GTI required for a soldier is for Royal Military Police (60). You also have to do a basic English and Mathematics test, but it's not too hard. Once you get to ADSC the Technical Selection Test (only for technician trades) is a bit of a harder maths test but you can use a calculator so as long as you're up on GCSE maths you'll be fine. As for the interview, I had one with my recruiter and then one with a Major straight after but I've been told this is not always the case. Make sure you know your Job Briefs, know about your job role, Army Training Regiments, the Common Military Syllabus and the like. Stay positive, confident and show enthusiasm for the job and you'll be fine.
  6. Cheers mate.
    What are you going for? Have you been given your date for basic yet?
  7. Correct. You are given a date for your formal interview and told to revise the jobs you have chosen.
  8. I'm going for Royal Engineers Electrician. So I have to wait till March, six months after selection. Technician trades are few and far between so some of the Infantry lads I did selection in are just about in already. I personally think the RE is the best Corps as you get to be a soldier, combat engineer and gain a trade which will be useful for civvy street afterwards. What are you interested in going for?
  9. I'm right there with you mate! I'm hoping for RE also and as a sparky too, I need a shaded pass on my english language though but the sgt at the AFCO said theres a good chance I'll get it aslong as the BARB and BS are good as i done a engineering subject at school. I agree with you, thats what appealed to me about the RE the being a soldier, combat engineers and getting a trade. If all gos well for me i might see you in March!
  10. Nice one, Combat engineering looks awesome with the mine laying, clearing, bomb disposal, bridge demolition etc. This trade also gives you a driving licence if you can't drive. I'd buy a GCSE maths revision book too cuz you don't want to get caught out by the TST mate.
  11. Yeah iv been going over all my old GCSE course work and revision guides so hopefully when selection comes I should be OK. How you getting on with the fitness side of things?
  12. That reminds me. You don't run 1.5 miles at ADSC, they get you to do a half mile warm up first so it's 2 miles altogether! I just about managed the 1.5 in 10.13, so I think you should be running 3 miles each time to be honest because you'll do the 1.5 easier and the transition to phase 1 will also be easier. I have to admit I have to start my training again as I've gotten lazy since selection. And I wish I did more preparation for ADSC cuz I would have liked to have kept up with the lads going for Paras (one of them did it in 8 mins!). I would follow the fitness poster thing too because I reckon if you follow it completely, you'll be fit enough for any regiment or corps including Paras.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, Ive been doing a mix of training anyway really, a timed 3 miler, 1.5 mile, interval training, a long distance run and 1 or 2 days a week I've been leaving the car at home and running to and from work. I had/have alot of work to do for fitness untill I decided that this is a 110% what i wanted to do I'd only ever trained in a "bodybuilder" way and ignored CV. So had to drop quite abit of weight too, even though I was not fat my BMI was obese!

  14. Yep, same here. I had an interview with my recruiter and then went up to see the Major, all good.
    Oh and btw I'm also joining the Royal Engineers as a plumber, my start date is 27th october - 3 weeks! :D
    I was going to join as an electrician but the intake was january (6 months from when i passed selection) and I didn't want to wait that long...
    Good luck anyway, the process is long but it's all part of the experience...
  15. Not long at all for you now... All the best mate, bet your well excited, I can't wait to get through everything and start basic.
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