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  1. hiya guys

    i was just wondering if there is an online barb test
    just to see what kind of roles would be available to me

  2. aah nice one pal ill get right on it

  3. ok well i fell fell for no shame in that lol

    really is there barb test u can do online
  4. You don't need to practice, it's harder to fail than it is to pass.
  5. if you fail you must be retarded
  6. my iq is 129
  7. IQ has no relevance on the BARB test pal, its a test of speed and accuracy, 129 isn't bad but nothing to particularly boast about! Their isn't an online version but the ACIO can give you a practice booklet.
  8. alright cool

    looks like im going to be busy down at the acio tomorrow lol
    got loads of questions

    cheers guys