Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shake, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Just to let anyone whos much bothered know, had my BARB today.. Got a 79, over the requirement for the Rifles so Im well pleased!! Did the literacy test and on the results from that the CA said there was no need for numeracy.

    To anyone preparing for their own BARB test the advice I would give is complete the booklet and then not worry about it, you get a complete walkthrough and its all really simple, relax and its a breeze.

    Cheers, Shake
  2. Yeh the BARC is a doddle, then again I know i got about 3 of the odd word out ones wrong.

    I swear to god none of the words had anything to do with one another!
  3. Did you got the Salisbury AFCO shake?
  4. Be prepared to do numeracy both HAVE to be done mate
  5. Taunton ACIO DaPs.

    MSI64 - After I had finished both the BARB and the literacy the Sjt just said he wasnt "even going to insult me by doing the numeracy". Is there another later stage when they might make me do it anyway (Formal interview is next week) ?

  6. It may get picked up when your docs get sent away just before Phase One
  7. Hmmph, Il be sure to ask, that could be a royal pain in the arrse.

    Cheers, Shake