BARB test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mash, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. hey,
    does anybody know wat score i need to get to join the RAC
  2. What job exactly?
  3. tank crew man in an armoured regiment
  4. about 12
  5. What are you worrying about the test score for? its not something you can cram up on really, its a perception based (psychometric) test that gives us an idea how easy its going to be to train you for a specific job.

    But its around 42 off the top of my head :)
  6. I done my barb the other week. I had the room to myself so after rubbing one out I took a deep breath and started the questions reading them out as I went. Trick is not to panic otherwise you will press the wrong answer. I came out with 58, which is more than enough for infantry :D

    Good luck
  7. i spoke to the ACIO earlier today and when i previously applied i got 52 so that should be good enough hopefully
  8. 48 I believe to be tank crewman/mounted dutyman HCav.
  9. The barb test is PISS EASY!! Dont worry bout it one bit..

    I got 92 back in the day, and still went infantry! I got some strange looks from my recruiters, an at selcetion aswel.

    Just take your time and you will be fine!
  10. Lucky for you that there was no spelling test eh!!!
  11. you can't get 92 on the Barb test!
  12. There are 100 questions
  13. Some people are stupid.

    You can get ANY score on the BARB, just 100+ is damn hard.

    The more you answer, the more are flung at you.
    So if you answer 1million in the time given and all coreect you may have a BARB score of 1000+.

    The faster and more accurate your answers are for the number of questions asked detirmines your score... It's not out of 100 or somrthing like that.
  14. ok fair cop, but i got 63 and was told i could do any job i wanted. So to get 92 you would have to be some BARB ninja Guru.....

    but back to the original question. Just read through the practise booklet they give you and you should be fine, there isn't anything you can do in the way of preparation apart from what is in that booklet
  15. 63 is good.
    60 or above is all job listings able in requirement for age and some other stuff.

    BARB isn't hard, It just requires precise and quick thinking.
    The faster and more accurate your brain works - the higher the score. Everyone is different.
    I got 72 myself, and that is only because I rushed it to ****! :D

    Things like knowing that you will just get questions flung at you will get you those extra marks.

    Grats on the 63, and grats on the 92.

    Now let's crack on shall we? I believe the topic question has ben answered anyway.