BARB test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hills540, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. hi, i was just wondering what sort of clothing i should wear to the BARB test? would jeans and a shirt be acceptable, or does it need to be more formal than that? :?
  2. smart casual mate, no need for jacket and tie (well i didnt on mine) just go in relatively smart civvies
  3. thanks. think il go with jeans and a shirt. could anyone else tell me what they went in :?: :?:
  4. This one has been done recently.Wear sunglasses, they look sophisticated. A pair of flip flops with shorts but make sure they are ironed and preferably not football shorts. Wear a hawaiin shirt with a sun hat, the hawaiin shirt wrapped around your waist is permitted if it is very hot but lots of sun cream is essential. This will display that you dress appropriately for the weather and will impress any recruiting SNCO.
  5. I went straight from work, by motorbike, so was togged up in all my winter gear, and in dirty clothes!

    I wouldn't recommend that - smart/casual is better, but I had no choice and the ACIO knew what my situation was, so it was ok!
  6. Up to you, personally I was wearing smart shirt and tie. I was going strait after work so thats how it worked out but to be honest id always rather over dress than underdress.
  7. thanks guys, il probarly go in some jeans and a smart shirt with polished black shoes
  8. That'll be fine - don't worry too much about it. Its when you go for the interviews that you'll be expected to wear a suit. Good luck!
  9. As said smart clothes will be ok on first visits but your recruiting staff will note what your wearing and first impressions last. As long has your not wearing anything with sexist/rascist or offencive comments on you will be ok. You should be gradually wearing smarter clothes as you go through the application then when you get to the first of your interviews wear a suit and tie, thats when we start to account for what you wear.

    Good Luck to you and remember to practice the questions at least a couple of times before you go.
  10. Thats all i wore. And my recruiter was fine about it.

  12. I wore fancy dress I went as Saddam, went down a treat.