BARB Test!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by catton01, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. catton01

    catton01 Old-Salt

    I did it today and got 79 and had everything open to me. I was wondering if anyone knew what the top score was and what you all got?
  2. hairyhandbag

    hairyhandbag War Hero

    Once is quite enough I believe. But well done anyway
  3. What's a BARB test?
  4. call_me_jack

    call_me_jack Old-Salt

    what's a wah?
  5. catton01

    catton01 Old-Salt

    i think it used to be called a domino test:S but its just a test too see what job you will be suited to or can apply for
  6. What in the blue hell is going on here?
  7. catton01

    catton01 Old-Salt

    haha i dont know you asked :D
  8. 79 you say? 7 and 9? 16? Or is that 7.9? Sweet baby Moses this is like the Great Big British quiz on late night channel five!

    There is a possible score of 100, a potential recruit scores 79, he asks to join 49 Para.

  9. catton01

    catton01 Old-Salt

    didnt really understand any of that to be honest :( lol