barb test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by catton01, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Did it today and got 79, just wondering what other people got????
  2. What's the BARB Test ???

  3. The British Army Recruit Battery Test, basically is an aptitude test.
  4. Youd probably be better off posting this in the training wing. Congratulations I believe its a fairly high score and you should have pretty much every trade open to you. Good luck
  5. Got nothing to do with swimming with stingrays then......
  6. Thanks , and no not quite :p
  7. Middlesbrough careers office?
  8. You will probably remember it as the Domino Test!! :p :wink:
  9. Yes middlesbrough (Y)
  10. What job you going for?
  11. Either systems engineer technician, infomation systems engineer or electronic warfare systems operator
  12. It's an aptittudor test? When did they introdoce that then?
  13. Consider your choices wisely young fella. Broadly speaking, you can consider SYSENGTECH as similar to a Telephone or Radio Engineer, IS ENG as IT specialist, & EW, well, ask them.

    I joined as TeleTech (SYS) which is now streamed with SYSENGTECH. At that time IS ENG didn't exist but is increasingly coming to the fore as you would expect in our ever increasing digital age.

    Both trades offer advancement to Supervisor level as either Foreman of Signals (FofS) or Supervisor Information Systems (Supvr IS). EW Supvr is known as (Supvr R) - Radio.

    Common theory is that both trades (Tech & IS Eng) will merge within the next couple of years anyway. This remains to be seen, though it wouldn't come as a surprise to many of us.

    Best of luck,

  14. Certainly after CR joined...
  15. thanks for all the tips and that (Y)