Barb Test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by R3me_Kid, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Out of interest what did everybody else get?

    I got a score of 78
  2. No idea.
  3. A lot. :D It's a very simple test, mate.
  4. I got 76 last week.
  5. 64, i think
  6. Just be sure to mention your scores whne you get to phase one you never know you might get fast tracked.
  7. 72,8356,434
  8. i didnt even get a score. I just got rushed out the door because it was busy.
  9. What the door ?
  10. yeah i got a 78 too, i think the maximum, minimum score you need is 65, that will get you into everything.
  11. The max score you can get is 70. if you want RMP you needs 70 and no GCSEs but English will help, but if you want REME, SIGS, some RE or AAC you only need 65 but with 3 GCSEs English, Maths & a Science. the lowest score is 27 thats for teeth arms. But it all depends on age...
  12. OOh I got more than you did, so Im better. Who really gives a fcuk!
  13. simo007, are you sure that RMP's need more than REME? I only ask because it looks like REME (Air Techs, VM's, etc.) need to have a bit more "up there" than RMP's, purely in terms of the job they do.
  14. got 82
  15. Yes mate, because the RMP don't require GSCE's so the BARB needs to be high, but the VM's, Techs ect:ect: need 3 GCSE's (English, Maths & Science) so the BARB is lower as the applicant has GCSE's to back it up.