Hi all,
I have my BARB test tomorrow and still havent decided on my job. I have narrowed it down to the following:

- REME - Armourer
- RE - Sparky
- RE - Plant Op
- RLC - Pioneer

I was initially interested in the combat engineer side of R Engineers but i cant really see myself really enjoying most of the RE trades.

Armourer sounds more interesting but i doubt there are many jobs that armourer skills are good for.

Pioneer sounds like it combines infantry soldier with trades that can be seen in the R Engineers. I have only considered this as an option late today.

So really im just looking for a bit of advice as to which trades are known to be good. I understand only i can make the decision but you guys might have some info to help me decide.

Many thanks,
Trust me on this, RLC Pioneer is so far away from RE and Infantry its unbelievable, if you are looking for transferrable skills then strike it off your list ;)

RE Sparky, the chances of getting a vacancy this side of February are slim to none

RE Plant OP out of all them is the better one to go for :)

But if you arent taking your BARB until tomorrow, keep an open mind for now and see what is on offer, bearing in mind you have to get a good enough score for them jobs :)
Thanks for the replys.

fivetodo, i was told i need to hand in my application before i take the BARB test. So when i put my 3 choices on the application form, will i be able to change it if i change my mind?
IIR correctly you don't have to list your choices?
You don't need to worry about your job choices until your 2nd Interview (which is the formal interview with your recruiter).

The reason we ask on the application forms is so we can look at the bigger picture and see what your ambitions are etc, it is also because the form is a generic one and is used online too :)
The part on your application is more of an "ambition list" (five , correct me if I'm wrong)... Your ACA should give you a list of all the jobs you are eligible for after you've completed your BARB and Basic Skills (Maths, English). Then you'll choose a fair few from from that list unless your already set on a specific job , probably be told to go away have a think and a read of the job briefs, then he/she'll ask for you 3 definite choices.
(I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong)

Hope This Helps

Syn :)
Does the Basic Skills result have a bearing on the jobs printed? I ask as I was given my list after only taking the BARB. I scored 65 on the BARB & level 2 on both in the Basic Skills.
Thanks everyone.

On the supplementary form i have been given theres a section called 'Job Preference and Regiment'. Notes for this section are 'List up to 3 job choices in order of priority. If you do not know write NK'.

I know the instructions are clear, i have an idea what i want to do but am not 100% sure so i guess ill just put NK for now.
NK seems pretty clear to me, its a data capture sheet and has no bearing on the outcome of your application ;)

And to the other, Basic skills is an assessment that must be passed, but it isnt linked in anyway shape or form to the BARB test or the score that it produces, its just a mandatory part of the process that runs alongside your application.
Thansk for your help fivetodo, your knowledge has no bounds xD
After passing my BARB the other day, the Recruiter had a quick chat about which I was going for as my first choice and 2nd. So it'd be a good idea to have at least your first choice in mind.

Remember all your ID docs too, so they can take photocopies. Best of luck for tomorrow Stringer mate (today now..) :D
Thanks pal. I have all the documents ready apart from my driving license counterpart because i cant find it. Ill have another look in a bit but the chances are i wont find it lol
Cheers mate. Still havent found my driving license counterpart. Ah well just hope its not that important
The documentation isn't really that important when you are going in for your test, the reason why ask for it is so we can process everything as quickly as possible, and also in the case of driving licences, so we can verify that you are eligble for jobs that will require you to be able to drive, specifically because if you have points on your licence it can restrict what job you are applying for.

For what it is worth, if you cannot find your paper counterpart of your licence, i would suggest you apply for it, apart from it being used to actually verify what points you have, its actually half of your licence and if you got a producer for any reason from the Police, failure to show both parts of it when asked can carry a fine (seemingly).

A bit of irrelevant information that costs nothing :D

In terms of the ID side of life, the photocard counts as ID so that satisfies one aspect of the security criteria at least.
Yeah i got everything else ive been told to take. Its got to be here somewhere i just cant seem to locate it. I've gutted my room this morning but to no avail. I'll keep looking XD

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