BARB test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phibeck, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. There are a couple of BARB test examples on the main Army web site - does anyone know of any links to download more examples to do at home in preparation ?
  2. If you've gone through and completed the book your AFCO should've given you , you'll do just fine bud.

    Syn :)
  3. Sorry mate, we live overseas, we haven't got that far - my son is in the "information gathering" phase. He is British, but has lived all his life in Norway, so English is not his mother tongue, so he wants to get some practice in.

    As an oversea applicant, he can't register online, so we are going to call a recruiting office soon, to book a tour to the UK for him, to get things started.

    In the meantime, preparation is the word !

    (Whats an AFCO ?)
  4. An AFCO is an Armed Forces Careers Office, you may also come across ACIO which is an Army Careers Information Office
  5. Thanks :D
  6. Really the BARB Test is rather easy, should have no trouble with it at all. Just make sure he is awake lol I was half sleeping and made a couple of silly mistakes.
  7. Barb test is easy peasy but remember that your being marked on speed as well as accuracy.
  8. i broke mine when i did it :D so i go to do it again 2 minutes after and did quite well :D
  9. He will do fine! I was worrying about the test and the basic skills like you wouldn't believe!!! Nothing too fret about at all.
  10. I'll pass on your message, (though I will still insist that he does the sample tests!)

    I can introduce army discipline into the home as a "run-up" to basic training!

    Mmmm - his army plans give many possibilities for a parent :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. kick him out into the wilds of norway
  12. I tried that - he found his way back home again though.

    I should never have taught him to map read !!
  13. map???? why did you give him that?