barb test what to wear

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jimmi1, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. got my barb test in a few days do i need to wear a suit and tie or just nice trousers and shirt.
  2. I attended the barb dressed, Smart.

    Tie, Shirt, Slacks and a shiny pair of shoes.
  3. As an ex recruiter I would still say First Impressions count. We didnt expect suits but it does show personnel pride. I have seen people enlist in tracksuits. Dress smart, relax and give it your best shot.
  4. i think your right i will go in a smart suit and tie, i was just making sure i wasnt going over the top
  5. As a Recruiter pay heed to the following "you dont get a second chance at making a first impression" trousers and polo should would be ok ,then you can dress up in suit for RSC and Enlistment.It shows you can look smart and have standards, but as always its up to you!
  6. At my office, for the BARB wear what you feel comfortable in, no formality at this stage.
    Good luck!
  7. Agree with a lot of the posts on here at BARB test stage smart and casual, nothing offensive (slogans) but as said first impressions last and even though Recruiters are getting on a bit will remember. Just remember to practice that bARB booklet plenty of times prior to you going in for your test, it looks easy but once under a bit of pressure then can be harder than you think.
  8. A thinking cap!!!
  9. clothes
  10. Yea, apparently it doesn't go down well if you turn up naked! :eek:
  11. should these sort of questions not be made a sticky?
  12. jeans and flipflops
  13. look smart, that dont include ripped jeans and a baseball cap
  14. im going in a suit just went out to buy one today
  15. **** me you must be old.... :D