Barb Test what to wear

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paratus44, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi i have my barb test later this week do i just go in my normal jeans and top or am i ment to dress up in trousers + shirt + tie....thanks
  2. Its informal, so casual is fine - good luck!
  3. go in CS95, PLCE webbing + mk6 helmet
  4. Try a nice thong and spandex top should set the scene for you
  5. I had some lads turn up in shirt and tie and some wearing works clothes. My advice is first impressions last, just turn up in smart but casual(polo top and jeans) up until your interview/confirmatory where you wear suit or shirt/tie/trousers. Appearance on all visits is noted by your recruiter so a bit of spit and polish on the shoes and tidy kit does get noticed. Just be confident and chatty, good luck :D
  6. If in doubt, the smarter the better. I suggest a tuxedo, plus fours and a top hat. Never did me any harm.

    Or get some black wellies, all round good footwear. Marvellous for yomping around the area. When you come back indoors all they need is a wipe with a wet flannel, hey presto perfect for RSM's parade.
  7. Fancy Dress will really make a good first impression.
  8. i turned up to my BARB and my 1st interview in torn jeans and a 'fear factory' hoodie .. for my second interview i put a little effort in and wore a shirt ... but it was un-ironed ..and the cuff was torn so i wore the sleeves rolled up, and yes it was mentioned that i needed to improve my appearence next time at both interviews :)
  9. I turned up with Smart jeans, Shoes polished as always and Shirt.
  10. I turned up in smart suit, first impressions !!!!

  11. Look smart - whilst it is not an interview you will be graded on apperance. They are looking for you putting an effort in so if you do not have suit it is not a problem but you shoudl be able to put together a shirt, tie, trousers and polished shoes.
  12. I got took from school when I was still at school that is, so I went in my uniform. Seemed to do the trick as they seem to be trying really hard for me.
  13. Next step red moleskins! 8O
  14. you said you wouldnt say anything dozy
  15. As an ex recruiter we DONT grade people at that stage but remember the ones who are smartly dressed. Once you get to the recruiter interview stages in when to start wearing a suit and shoes. Minimum dress at that stage woul be Shirt, tie and shoes and you are then grades on your appearance.