BARB test tomorrow!

Hey guys

Im new here just thought id come say hello to you all! :)

A little about me.. im 23, live in Manchester (Lucky me! lol). Started thinking a few months ago about a career and what not, decided the Army was what i wanted to do and finally got myself down to my local ACIO couple weeks ago. Ive got my BARB test and Literacy/Numeracy assesments tomorrow.

Im a little nervous but feeling quite confident about it (got to stay positive eh!)

I will admit im not ready for ADSC yet as my fitness isnt quite there. Up until around a year ago my fitness levels were pretty good but ive let it slip a little lately and need to get it back up again.

Im doing ok with Cardio but my upper body needs a little working on, doing around 60 sit ups in 2 mins but struggle with push ups :roll: im working on that! Im fairly confident it wont take long to get this to how i need it for ADSC (I know sit ups and push ups are not done at ADSC but id like to know i can do them if needed), however, running has never been my strong point and as i know it is very important, im really focusing on this more than anything at the minute. Im ashamed to say that im finding even just running the full 1.5 mile (without having to slow to walking to catch my breath, after around 800m :oops: ) hard enough at the minute nevermind running the whole thing in under 12mins! I think its my breathing technique slowing me down more rather than getting tired, but im sure with plenty of practice ill get there!

Anyway just thought id come say hey :D Ill let you know how the BARB test goes tomorro!

Good luck with the BARB tommorow,It's easy!
I'd get training and do as much phys as you can,as recruiters constantly ask how your fitness is!
You'll be fine doing the BARB.......It's really not difficult at all.

You'll be fine for selection if you can start doing some'll be suprised how quickly it'll improve your 1.5 mile time. 12 mins shouldn't be hard to come by!!

Good luck
Thanks. Yeah i have started running, I walk around 4-6 miles everyday with my dogs anyway so just need to up the pace now (unfortunately they cant come with, as having a big clumbsy Great Dane running into me every few minutes might make it a bit difficult :D ) luckily theres a running track not far from me so i can train there at weekends, and ive joined the gym, which i personally think is a waste of £30 a month! but i dont get any peace at home so its nice to get out of the house and focus on training without being interrupted!
good luck mate, the barb test is easy mate i didnt do literacy tests etc when i did mine. what job you going for?
Cheers mate.

CMT or Registered Nurse (Adult). Not decided yet. See what todays results are like.

Im a girl by the way. Im sure you all guessed that but forgot to mention that in my first post lol

BARB is at 2pm, will let you know how it goes :D
no i didnt guess you were a girl?! if i did i would have slipped a cheesey chat up line in there!

na good luck trust me the BARB is a piece of piss
Hey mate. So long as the medical goes alright (usually, you probably have an inclin that you're going to fail cause it hurts or feels funny ;) ), you'll be fine. I know you can't imagine it, pretty much, but as long as you are physically robust (i'd hope you have a bit of strength at your age (excuse the pun), and can run for the whole of the 1.5 miles (with the NCO's enroute to give you plenty of ..motivation.

PM me for more info. And I hope all went/goes well with the BARB. The booklet is to be used. :)
Hey, thanks mate.

I dont think ill have a problem with the medical and ill soon get my 1.5m in order. Im only 5' short :p and weigh just under 50kg so its not like i have loads of weight to take around with me! lol

Im off now for my BARB. Back in around 3 hours i think it is (including the lit/numeracy tests).
Well just got back! Been a long day lol

Good and Bad news.. got 70 on my BARB so thats not bad. But ive not enough experience/qualifications to go into the job i really wanted, so ive now got a choice of CMT or HCA. Im a bit undecided now as i wanted to do Nursing, but oh well nothing i can do. Ive got both job briefs so ill have a read through tonight, and told them i would call back in tomorrow.

Just waiting for my Doctor to send my med forms back in now! Hope he doesnt hold it up too long :roll:
Mine took two weeks, but thats only because they were waiting for my records to get transfered from my old surgery, i kicked off when they hadnt turned up and the practice manager then kicked off at my old doctors, who promptly brought the stuff through.

From my doctor actually having my records to having the forms done, was about 2 hours i beleive. :twisted:
Well done on the barb! I wouldn't send your med forms off to your docs, do what I did and make an appointment with your doc, go down there wait to be called in and then hand him/her the forms and say 'can you check those please'. My doc had a little moan but filled em out and I had em in my hand within ten mins...sorted hehe
Hey Willow. Congrats on the barb.

Where abouts in manchester are you from?

I'm from sale. Just wondered if the running track near you is sale harriers. :D
I wish i had booked an appt now but i gave them in to the receptionist last Friday. Ah well, id probably panick anyway, if it goes through too quick and im not ready for ADSC. So ill just use the time im waiting to keep training!
MiKe19 said:
Hey Willow. Congrats on the barb.

Where abouts in manchester are you from?

I'm from sale. Just wondered if the running track near you is sale harriers. :D
Im in Bury, I dont actually know of a track near my house. The one i use is near my dads so thats why i can only go at weekends :roll:
ironeye said:
check on your doctor daily. took a month for me :x
Too right.....hound them and then hound them some more.

Mine delayed me 2 weeks........I had appointment with the doc who assured me it'd be sent the next day.

However after a week I started making enquiries as to how my application was going at the ACO who told me they hadn't recieved anything........So I get on to the doctors who lead me on a wild goose chase.

The secretaries for some reason didn't see the urgency and still had it in their pile of paperwork almost a week after I started pestering them.

So had I not phoned every other day to ask where my med report was I dread to think how long it would have taken them to post it?

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