barb test + more ?

I have a barb test soon , the guy on the phone said it would take 3 hours ... I'm guessing I will be Diong other stuff but I dont know what. Any one now what maybe fitness test or ... ( I dont no ) barb test only takes 30 mins ...
they go through all your paper work which takes a while then after the barb test they will show you all the jobs you will be able to do with the score you got on your barb test. then you will have to pick a few that interest you and they will print off job briefs explain in detail more about the jobs you have choosen to look at. hope that helps.
Have a look on the armyjobs website and get a feel for the kind of things you might like to do, it might show that your keen if you have allready got something in mind that you want to do, before you go for your barb test, and once you have done it, your recruiter can advise if your tests were good enough for you to go for those jobs, or what ones (some similar) you could go for.
I was in the office about 2.5 hours, from first turning up (turn up 10/15 mins early, shows good time keeping)

Had a brief interview/chat with one of the guys, did my barb test, and lit/numeracy tests right after, took the print out downstairs, had another further chat and a look through a lot of the jobs i was able to do, had a chat about the ones i had priorly showed interest in.

Did some photocopying of my exams/passport etc, took 2.5 hours.
The s/sgt didn't bother going through the jobs with me.......guess its because i've always known what i wanted do since first going in to the place......i think....
The13thDukeOfWybourne said:
All the recruiting Sgts gather round and play soggy biscuit, over your head, whilst you're doing the BARB. So you'd best do it quick as you can.
Yeah but surely if he gets good marks that means he doesnt get to take the biscuit home with him?

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