Barb Test booklet

Hello all

I've got my Barb Test on Monday but the booklet they gave me has gone missing. My sister apparently thought it was just "junk mail" =|

Anyway, how big of a problem is it if I don't bring it?

Oh right, thanks mate. I seem to recall it saying in the booklet I did but I can't see it being a disaster if I didn't
Just go back into the ACIO and ask for a replacement one, there wont be any issues or as said practice online.
I do practice online and I did the booklet, but I thought I had to take it with me. If not then great.
Cheers for that Steve, I didn't think it was important but at the same time I wanted to do everything perfect. But it's good to hear that it doesn't matter, now I can focus on my actual test. I'll let you know how I get on, actually can't wait :thumright:
Done the test today, turns out you were right I didnt need it, thanks :)

I scored 64, not too bad if I do say so myself.

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