Barb test and re-taking!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Borat69, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi, recently sat the BARB test scored 54. Need to to get 55 for Int corps. resit booked for a few weeks time.
    Letter checking was the worst score I got (42 out of 47). All others scored well in the late 50's.

    1. Any ideas on how many questions is a 'good' amount per section to complete in the 5 minutes?
    2. Also any tips on the best approach to the letter checking section?
    3. Which BARB test score do they take, the best one or the most recent one?
    4. What is the best TA unit to join for a 39 year old?

  2. Out of interest, is there a Matrix of what is required for what?
  3. Depends what your qualified to do?
    And what you want to do?
    What part of the UK are you?
  4. 39 is still young enough to pass the more arduous courses run the in the army...
  5. Yes there is a matrix, all recruiters have access to it. Since there are hundreds of trades i'm not going to publish the exact numbers here. If there is a particular trade you want to know the requirement for PM me.