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barb test/1st interview... should i wear...


i've got my 1st interview/barb test on wednesday.

i done this last year, got past the formal aswell, but something on my medical didnt allow me to go to RSC, until now, as they have cleared.

anyway, as i said, i have my 1st intever/barb test on wedensday, and want to make the best impression possible.

i know for the formal, a suit is nessasary, but should i think about wearing one to the one on wedensday, or should i just go as myself?
Suit, tie, bulled or very highly brushed black shoes (lace up oxfords for pref.)

Or, very well cut jacket, (double vent) tie etc.,

No, you don't have to wear all that - but you are being watched and judged all the time - so why not make the best impression you can?
Smart black trousers, polished black shoes shirt and tie scored me an instant 7 on presentation, so I'd highly recommend it - good luck to you!
also have mind on wednesday, i dont even own a shirt and tie, only the usual trackys etc, not chavvy not trampy, quite smart they wont think any less will they if i turn up in trackys (like i said not trampy nor chavvy) ?

note, i was told to come smart - casual, i will be ok ?
I met my AFCO guys at a job fair at my college, then went to speak to them after that so my first impressions had already been made.

Did my BARB test today and got results that meant I can do any job I choose in the army, until the guy checked my form and realised that I am 1cm too short to be accepted by 99% of them. Oh I can sit behind a desk and be a clerk, oh joy!
so should i just go for the suit option, i am leaning more towards that now... even tho i've already been in before, so my first 'inital' impression had ben made....

Magners - How tall are you?

Also, on my forum i've had a few sloppy mistakes, do you think they'd mind if i was to go in an hr or so early, they'd mind if i was to get a new forum and fill it in before my interview/test?
Gnr, not really the same topic but how long before i start my phase 1 will i get my joining instructions and swear my oath. I don't want to piss of my AFCO by keep calling them, but i don't want them to forget!
H_M_ARRSE addressing the Guvernor comments:-
All i can say is that i wish to ' !doG ' that he was the one dealing with my shit, right now.
Is it ok not to hear FA for 1 an 'alf months after handing my DV forms in. They aint even talked to my friends yet.

The RO (Recruitment Officer) won't have a clue and the response will be along the lines of " I let you know when I know " "bark bark woof woof"
'WE are all human,'
'we are more interested in who you are and the attitude you have.'
I had the same thing - I'm 5' nothing, but scored really well on the BARB. I can't do any job that requires driving! (Which is most of them!)
army-hopeful said:
Magners, your only 5.1/5.2 feet?! Christ, that's small! So with that height you're only able to enter AGC?
5'2", which actually isn't that small but the AGC is pretty much all I can do which to be honest completely sucks, oh unless I want to be a brickie.

Soozi said:
I had the same thing - I'm 5' nothing, but scored really well on the BARB. I can't do any job that requires driving! (Which is most of them!)
Exactly, but the fact is we can go into the Medics, and they do driving, so someone explain that one to me, plus everyone I have spoken to who is currently serving has never heard of a minimum height issue.

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