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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DonnyLad, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find it in 'Search'

    What's everyone's BARB results?

    Do you know what the minimum is for your chosen badge/trade?

    I got 83 and my minimum is 52 for CMT - Combat Medical Technician
  2. only got 68 but was enuf for infantry :) best hands on job but hey contratulations mate damn gd score all the best we all av our roles to play
  3. I got 62, did my BARB today :)
    Not the best, looking at the two other threads, thought i did well, but owel... lol

    It was good enough to have 105 jobs availiable on the printout, not sure what yet, choices, choices, choises 8)

    If you want to know a specific cap badge GTI, ask me, i have the sheet with them on.

  4. i had 56 :oops:

    i was quite shocked because i read about all these high scores people scored around here.

    funnily enough my recruiter told me that i was above average though and all jobs within the RE were open to me...
  5. I know 8O
    My recruiter said mine was very good :)

    Im not even sure if its possible to get that high score, i know i got quite a few wrong on the literacy, but people getting 80ish??

    And getting 56 is good, 52 is the minimum mark for the hardest job on my list, CMT.
    So you can do any job in the army (within reason) :)

    I know quite a few people getting 30ish, do you did good, and paras, infantry ect is only 26!! lol

  6. i got 160
  7. WAH! :roll:

  8. Gospel mate.
  9. You lost me now? 8O
    Care to exlpain?

  10. and i bet you got that with your eyes closed too
  11. Not quite, i didn't even have the monitor turned on.
  12. You're full of good attributes aren't you? Personally I like your modesty.
  13. Turn your porkie detector ON.

    I can't remember what i got, it was that long ago and still i await selection :roll:
  14. i got 74

    enough for coldstream lol

    hey donny lad im from donny aswell

    just fort id letya know
  15. The BARB score shows your trainability not your IQ or Intelligence.

    Thats it