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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SS_Jarvis, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Quick question bout the barb test just did it today for the 3rd time as i was trying to score high enough for the RAC (the previous two times only got me as infantry choices) now what i got told is that the 3rd time is your last time you can do it and they have to take your final score off that last test but on this one i decided to take my time as i thought that was where i was going wrong through i lost a hell alot of marks for taking so long so much so i wasn't able to get anything (it was 22 btw the score) so am wondering will i be able to redo it in something like 6 months to a year or is that the door shut for good now? :( just i have no idea at this point, any help is much appreciated.
  2. Not sure mate i had to do mine today for the second time and i was told it was the last time i could do it to get in the RAC as well but he sed this time it would cancel out the one before and if i failed to get a minimum score i would be barred entry but lukily i manged to get a higher mark so to your answer im not sure didnt you ask them ??
  3. nah didt really was in a bit of a daze i think i mean i got infantry on the other two but as they have to go off the last one ya did i pretty much got nothing current :S i have to phone them up tomorrow cheers for the input anywho mid.
  4. i disagree on taking your time. i havnt a clue how the test works but i had to take it twice falling just shy of int corps on the first time (taking my time) scoring 53 and on my second time being a bit more efficient and scoring a 60. maybe you're deducted points for spending too long on a question as it shows you struggle to think under pressure. my recruiter said dont spend too long on a question even if you get it right it wont work in your favor if you spend 10 seconds on the question or so..

    edit spelling cos im knackered
  5. I will be blunt here, you can take 3 tests and there must be 28 days between them, however there are occasions where a recruiter can apply to have another test done.

    The test is definitely not something you should take your time with, it is response timed both for the speed in which you answer questions, and also the speed in which you complete the sections of the whole test.

    Generally if you are taking more than 10 seconds to answer questions you are losing marks like a sieve leaks water, even more so if you are getting them wrong ;)

    The BARB scores for the individual test sections are easy for a recruiter to read and my first action would have been to look at the results to find out which sections were letting you down and i would then given you a bit of coaching, purely to make sure you understood the test in easy speak.

    The regulations for the test and the allowance of another will come down to the recruiter and whether or not he feels your application warrants it ;)
  6. Does your melon fit through the door?
  7. 61% ?? where did that little gem come from? :D

    BARB isnt scored in percentages ;)

    And for what it is worth, the BARB isnt really a subject you can revise for, its totally random questions and as it is a psychometric test it is designed to measure your potential to perform a certain job in training, the scores themselves were derived after the university that developed the test years ago used it on soldiers in training and soldiers a few years out of training, they then compared the two and took an average.

    It is out of date but the principal remains in so much as it doesnt test intelligence it tests perception reasoning, how you see something and how quick you can take onboard the information and react.

    Nothing more nothing less and believe it or not, someone who scores 100 on the test can be just as blatently thick as someone that doesnt pass at all (and it has been proved on many occassions ;) )
  8. I also beleive this is a test you cannot revise for you can only go over examples not revise
  9. hmmm it is you who are talking shite, and to be honest as a fully qualified British psychometric testing administrator who knows the BARB test inside out, and who is qualified to overturn results and authorise resits, who can be used externally by any civilian company that requires psychometric testing to be done, then i think i am far more qualified to point out the fact again that you are talking complete and utter shite! :D

    On the revision thing, yes we give you a book, we do that as best practice, i could teach you how to cheat the sodding test and make it easier for you too, however just because you revise something and familiarise yourself with something does not mean you will in every case click to a situation, in just the same way as you cannot grasp you know shite all about the test and how it works. The book for the majority of people just gives them a familiarisation of how the test works, it is designed specifically for that purpose and in theory the test is supposed to predict exactly the same result if you took the test an hour later or a month.

    I will add that i moved into recruiting in 1998 and have pretty much been involved in it ever since so please dont preach to me about recruiting, the test, the selection process as it is my bread and butter and has been for a long time now ;)
  10. first time i did it i went over that booklet loads and got 37 today i didnt even bother with the book and got 59 that test has got nothing to do woth how clever you are but yes i do believe like you say you can mentally prepare for it
  11. For most people its not revision that helps on a resit, its having to over the fear of it being a test in the first instance and also because they understand how the test must be approached in order to score well.

    Over the years i have coached far more people into better scores purely on explaining it to them in a way they understand and highlighting where they are losing marks.

    Technically when BARB was rolled out, the text book answer with regards to increasing a score on a resit was that it should only be possible to increase by 1 or 2 points, this is something i have disagreed with since i started using it, purely on the basis that most people suffer from nerves to a degree which degrades performance and for some its massive ;)

    I have seen people with 12 A* GCSE's unerachieve on this test and i have seen people who dropped out of school at an early age outscore them, it happens day in day out, a positive mind with a clear brief on how to tackle the test should be all that is needed to reinforce what familiarisation you get from the book.

    That is probably why in the time i have spent in my particular office i have only ever seen 7 people fail to score lower than the minimum required :)