BARB letter rotation test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Someone please explain to me in the simplest most easily understandable way you can imagine how to do this! Call me thick or whatever you want or you could help me out :) Im reading the booklet and honestly I cannot get my head around this section, all the other sections I breeze through. Im numerically dyslexic, not using that as an excuse but might have something to do with it!

    Doing my f'ing nut in! The booklet isn't helping me at all, don't understand it!
  2. Just imagine what it would look like if you physically rotated it 90 degrees at a time. Do the two match?

    Also, if one figure is a mirror image of the other then it's not a rotation.
  3. Wow actually that really helped me out a lot mate cheers I think I am getting it already! ******* retard I am
  4. Poor you lol :) When my sons booklet came in the post, I read through it & at 36 I felt as thick as shit because I just didnt have a clue what this test was about! I spent all day trying to do it but gave up in the end. Thinking it was soooooooooooo hard, my son came home from school & did it straight off! Talk about gobsmacked. He thought it was great! Just practice tons. If you really dont understand, ask your army recruit guy. He knows just how hard some find it & will show you how to do it & no he wont think your as thick as I am lol! Good luck & dont worry. It dead easy. :D
  5. The best way to get it is to cut out two F shapes in card or paper and play about with them doing rotations.
  6. To be quiet honest, I found the symbol rotation the hardest, after the test the two other guys I was with, agreed it was as well. They only way I made sense of it, was to understand there was only two possible symbols. The 'F' and a mirror image of 'F'. So whilst I was rotating it in my head, if it became a mirror image, just stop, its never going to fit if its a mirror image, move on to the next image and precede so.

    Also if you have the booklet if you do the first test you will not have both the statement and then the question. i.e 'Barry is heavier than John. Who is heavier?'

    What you will have is 'Barry is heavier than John.' Then you proceed to press the screen. 'Who is heavier?' will appear with two choices, so you have to recall your short term memory and remember and then dissect the information quickly and press an option.

    Well the easiest way I found out how to do was. When the statement appears only get the information you need. This sounds stupid but its not. If it says Barry is heavier that John.' Don't keep repeating in your mind 'Barry is heavier than John.', just remember Barry is heavier, Barry is heavier. Then when you touch screen and it appears 'Who is lighter?' You know its not Barry, you don't have to recall all the information again and dissect it. So you choose the option other than Barry.

    Half the time I didnt know the other persons name really. It really helps on the questions like, 'John is not as dim as Tim'. Read it and then keep in your mind Tim is dimmer, Tim is dimmer.

    Anyway i will stop ranting on. I did my BARB test yesterday, so if anyone has any questions about it what so ever, just PM me or reply to the post :)

    And Hi Arrse community, been reading the posts here for a while, thought I may as well get involved in the community now :p