BARB formal?

i am planning on going to the BARB test in trousers and shoes anyway but is the BARB a full shirt and tie job?
Having done a BARB , when i previously applied.

Nope , just normal clothes... jeans etc... informal

Hope this answers your query

Syn :)
Nar mate. I went in jeans and jacket, just aslong as you look smart. Everything else i would imagine shirt and tie job, like ADSC and interviews etc.
I wouldn't worry about shirt and tie. Just go smart/casual. I went in jeans and shirt and was told even that was a bit too smart.
Obviousy don't turn up in trackys just be clean and have a good attitude and you'll be fine.
Remember every time you go to the office you are applying for a job.

Smart casual is good
well every time i have been to the office so far i have done the shoes, trousers and a polo-shirt or t-shirt
Every single time I have been in the presence of a member of HM Forces while applying for this job, apart from the time on selection in trackie bottoms, I have had black shoes, black trousers, shirt and tie.

Impressions count, make the most of them.
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