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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tayyab1796, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi i had my BARB test and skills assessment done on 1st Aug,2008 . BARB score was 61 and i got level 3 on literacy and level 2 on numeracy trade choices r avionics tech/AGC clerk/RMP ... did i do well ...i hav to get the medical forms done by GP now, i wonder how long is the process going to take... is there any fast track to phase 1 if i change my trade bcz on artillary job briefs it says recruits can start phase 1 training pending security checks.
  2. What do points make,? Prizes,didn't he do well!! :D
  3. It took 8 weeks to get my form done but that was partly because i was just finishing uni and my doctors at my surgery at uni for some reason didn't have my med history, despite me havinglived there for 3 years. So i had to re registar at home and wait for them to transfer my med history from somewhere before they could do it. Even when my med stuff turned up at the docs, it still took them another 2 weeks with me constently ringing up to get it sorted and then they wouldn't let me pick it up to take to the careers office.
  4. This has to be a Wah?!?!?!
  5. First off please consider viewing the other 100 "I just finished my BARB test" threads.

    Second. Chose your career path wisely and with a future outside of the army in mind. Whether you do 22 and youre through, or do your minimum and youre out, chances are you'll be looking for a second career at some point.

    So, picking a trade because its the first one available in the quickest time is, in my most humble of opinions, erm stupid.
  6. thanks for ur advice DummyRound ... how do u rate my performance on literacy and numeracy bcz that cud be an eye opener for me ,maybe i shud brush up my skills b4 joining ...i wud appreciate ur reply thanks
  7. With those talents, you should definitely consider AGC.
  8. nah RA will do fine for that talented indivdual
  9. i submitted my RG8 papers in my AFCO today after getting them done by my GP . now i m anxiously waiting for a call , i had the opportunity to look at my RG8 and everything's fine in there except that i don't hav any vaccination records bcz i was born and had my early education abroad . i hope it wouldn't become an issue . fingers crossed!!!
  10. are you sure?!